Written by Bethany, PA to Luke Granger

When a couple see their album for the first time it is such a magical moment. It's as if their memories have come to life in print, they point out details they had previously missed, discuss fond moments of the day and the room just fills with love and often tears of joy too.

Designing wedding albums is one of my favourite things to do, I love that each one can become so different and wanted to share a bit more about the different albums we offer.

Our Gold Collection includes a beautiful album that has a little surprise inside; to find out more keep reading.

Pictured here is one of our sample albums that we use to show clients how their own wedding album could look, Inside it includes a selection of our favourite photographs from a number of different weddings and its contrasting colours of Teal and Black always gets fantastic feedback. Each wedding album is designed by us, using state of the art software, before being handmade in Italy by GraphiStudio. Renowned in the wedding photography industry as being the world leader in innovative album design, GraphiStudio is exclusively available to professional photographers like Luke Granger Photography and we are proudly part of their family.

Let's discuss each area of the design options in a little more detail.

Fabric Choices The cloud leatherette fabrics are our personal favourites as they are delicately soft and come in a wide range of colours; however with a large selection of silks, velvets, leathers, linens or wood on offer, there really is something for everyone. Some couples choose to design the album in their wedding colours whereas others, who wish to have their album on display, choose to coordinate with their home interior instead. Everything down to the ribbon inside the box can be customised which is one of the reasons album designing is one of my favourite tasks.

Internal Cover As you can see from our sample, couples can choose to display their names and wedding date on the front of the box and album (in a selection of fonts) but there are also other options too. You may prefer to leave the cover plain or an upgrade choice would be to add a crystal glance front cover, a great way to display your favourite photograph.

Video Screen Our Diamond Collection includes a videographer which makes this the perfect album to relive your wedding day over and over again. Displayed on the 10" high quality screen, nestled safely within the lid, your wedding video or slideshow of photographs can be viewed with ease using the bespoke control panel. Play, Pause, skip or control the volume at the click of a button whilst your home until your hearts content or take to visit friends and family and share the memories of your day together. Battery life is around 8 hours and there is a discrete charging port built in for when it has run out.

Size The landscape album is 35cm x 25cm in size and will hold around 100 of your favourite photographs across its 40 thick pages. Built to last, the box itself is larger at 42cm x 32cm and will lay flat when opened or can be propped up to watch the screen

Parent Albums

Alongside the stunning album for the happy couple, the Diamond collection also includes 2x 20 page 20cm x 30cm parent albums which can be customised individually. Known affectionately as "brag books" these are often treasured by parents or close relatives and allow those close to you to relive the day again and again. With larger families, especially those with guests who may live further away, weddings often become family reunions and your parents can tailor an album as a keepsake for themselves.

Available in landscape or portrait, your parents can work alongside us to select their favourite photographs and fabric options, just like you will; with options to upgrade if they wish to include presentation boxes or wall art too.

Cloud Leatherette Colourwheel

Parent Album with photographic cover upgrade

Linen Colourwheel

Parent Album with presentation box upgrade

Specifics About Our Sample

Presentation Box External - Cloud Leatherette in Peacock Blue with colour overprinted text

Presentation Box Internal - 10" screen in lid, Base is lined with Cloud Leatherette in Black with a Smoke Grey Ribbon.

Album External - Hardback, Cloud Leatherette in Black with colour overprinted text and bookblock edges.

Album Internal - Lustre Paper, Satin Lamination, 30x thick pages, Flushmount printed with Luxe Lining in Pearl