Luke Granger Photography

My name is Luke, you probably already figured that out, I am a self employed photographer, concentrating mainly on weddings and commercial photography. I also run a successful digital marketing company, helping others grow their businesses through the powers of SEO and lead generation.

You could say I am a man of many talents, but actually I just enjoy lots of different things and my creativeness thrives on a challenge. My roles are very different but can often connect, so I can be your wedding photographer but can also design and print your invitations if you wish.

I don't really count working as a photographer is working, as the old Chinese saying goes, “do a job you love and you’ll never do a day’s work in your life”. I enjoy watching families make memories, couples meet at the alter or a child’s face light up when they spot the goodies at the Candy Cart (of which I will also enjoy too).

Thats enough talking from me, take a look at my photos, if you have any questions then just ask away.


Unusual for Luke to be this side of the camera

Hey, My name is Bethany. I am Luke's Wife and PA

I have the difficult task of keeping Luke and the business organised whilst he is busy being creative with one of his many gadgets and gizmos.

I deal with most of the emails and messages we receive, alongside juggling all the calendars, finances & marketing for the businesses (I really do love a wedding fair). I also write content and web build as part of our sister company LGP Creative so there is never a dull moment for us here at Team Granger. Good job I love a to do list!

I attend just a handful of weddings each year alongside Luke and the team where I specialise in being a fairy godmother. If you need help getting into your dress or pushing grannies wheelchair then I'm your girl and I can't let a groom walk down an aisle with a school boy tie so I'll fix that too. I'm attentive, observant & efficient, a PA to everyone who needs me.

If you need anything, just give us a shout.


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