Professional Product Photography

As a professional photographer based in Kent, regular readers will already know that we cover a wide range of industries offering our photography services. Although our main focus' are wedding photography and property photography, we have learnt to adapt our photography skills and regularly venture down different avenues for both new and returning clients.

In all aspects of our work, we aim to put our creative skills to the test and love that no two days are ever the same. Over the past year, we have been asked to gather content on behalf of a number of different businesses looking to build content and promote their own work. What better way than with professional product photography! Product photography can be created in a number of different ways so we always discuss the style our clients are after.

We detail a range of options below and showcase a range of examples of our work.

Professional Studio Style Product Photography In Kent

Studio style product photography using backdrops and subtle lighting, is a popular way of photographing standalone or a small collection of products. By using static equipment the subject can be swapped with ease, allowing a range of items to be photographed in a uniformed manner. Creating fantastic content to promote your business is our aim, so we will always focus on providing quality images of your products regardless of what they may be.

Backdrops can be changed to suit the branding of your company and although we have a range of colours/designs we also have the facility to print custom backdrops courtesy of our sister company, Bethany Lauren. We will discuss with you to determine your vision and use our creativity to produce quality product photographs that you will be proud to promote.

Professional Lifestyle Product Photography in Kent

Some businesses looking for professional product photography in Kent, may wish to promote their products in more of a lifestyle manner. This technique works for products of all shapes and sizes, showcasing them how and where they would be used by your customers. Cleaning products, for example, would naturally be found in a Kitchen or Bathroom, whereas a book or magazine would feature in lounge area, bedroom or an office.

Lifestyle product photography can be achieved in a staged studio setting or a well presented property/location depending on the vision you have in mind. Although we have a range of both residential and commercial properties, venues and outside spaces at our disposal, we may need to hire additional space, models or props to achieve the desired results but will discuss your ideas and budget with you in detail.

Professional Product Photography In Kent

All Product photography is currently completed on a non contact basis due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Clients will be asked to deliver products by post (or at a distance) to our office based in Ebbsfleet, Kent where they will be quarantined accordingly. Please bear in mind when booking a product photoshoot, that we may need to retain your items for longer than usual to accommodate this. A collection date will be arranged or products returned to you by post as agreed during the booking process.