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For commercial clients we are pleased to offer a range of creative services under the LGP Creative Ltd brand.

Services provides by LGP Creative Ltd

Content Writing

SEO Services

Lead Generation

Website Hosting & Domain Management

Commercial Photography & Videography

Aerial Photography & Videography

Portrait Photography

Design & Printing Services

Specialising is creating dynamic content, we focus on helping our clients help their businesses be seen. We bring our creativity and out of the box thinking into every project we undertake and are proud to support clients across many industries.

If you would like to discuss our commercial photography or SEO services further, do get in touch.

Professional Business Services in Kent

Content Writing

Whether you need an article written for print or SEO content written for your website, our team here at LGP Creative can take inspiration from you and make it happen. We appreciate that not everyone is confident in writing about their own business so we complete the hard work for you, helping you reach and engage with clients effectively.

SEO Building Services

Ever wondered how Google knows what websites to show you when you search something? It is all down to SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) which is an algorithm calculated by the quality of your website. If the bots within Google see your website as being the most user friendly, informative and trusted site, you will be shown above all others.

Through content writing and improving your technical SEO, we help get businesses seen in a transparent yet effective way.

Lead Generation

If you are a service business (such as a plumber or a hairdresser) and do not yet have a web presence then our 'Rank and Rent' service may be the perfect way to build your customer base further.

We build a website targeting your service and the locations you wish to cover, we then personalise the site to suit your brand and you rent the site from us on a monthly basis. A great way to build traction within an industry, without the initial expensive of building a website.

All our SEO services have been developed in house, as we have grown our own businesses through recent years, trained with industry experts and explored different avenues.

After all, we believe we should practice what we preach.

We know first hand how our creative services can work for others; as our methods are tried and tested we can discuss with our clients in a way that is understood and share genuine examples, facts and scenarios to enable them to make an informed decision about the direction of their own business