One of the great things about being a Kent wedding photographer, is that I have so many beautiful venues right on my doorstep. A wide choice of grand country houses, converted barns, premium hotels and castles each make for fantastic wedding venues for my couples to choose; I love visiting new places as I capture their memories on camera.

Unbelievably (or perhaps not) the venue Wendy & Peter chose for their sunset ceremony seemed to appear out of no where. Young and madly in love, the couple booked my gold package just 2 days before their wedding, very last minute don't you think? Luckily, my diary had miraculously become clear and I did not need to travel far so I was all too happy to get my camera kit ready and have some fun.

Why not grab a bottle of Corona and enjoy reading about the best (and only) wedding I photographed in May 2020.

Like every groom, Peter appreciated the support from his Best Man as he awaited his bride to arrive. He seemed a little nervous but that's understandable given the pair had not long met.

Just a few weeks ago, they awoke from a deep slumber to find themselves encapsulated together amongst a collection of multicoloured bricks. Despite facing treacherous danger at the forceful hands of an Amazon delivery driver, the pair battled through the sea of packaging, eventually reaching safety. Despite their unusual adventure, It seems that Wendy and Peter were destined to be together by 'The Gods of Lego' and they chose to build a life together as husband and wife.

Although Wendy's parents felt the way the couple met was rather unorthodox, they felt it preferable to Tinder and therefore gave the blessing for the pair to marry. Seen here in a fetching white cap, bought especially for the occasion, the father of the bride walked his daughter down the aisle with pride.

Unfortunately for Peter, his soon to be mother in law was not so pleasant. Despite her reservations she did attend and managed to smile throughout the day, albeit looking a little rigid. The mother of the bride wore a pink blouse with white suit trousers from an unknown designer and had the uncanny resemblance to Delores Umbridge.

Alongside my second shooter Jessica, we were able to capture the ceremony from multiple angles to really bring the photographs to life. Wendy looked gorgeous in her wedding dress, available worldwide for ages 6-99, which she teamed with a bouquet of red flowers and matching lipstick. With a radiant smile, It was clear to see they had made the right decision; The moment their eyes met at the alter I knew it was true love.

The sunset wedding ceremony was simple yet filled with such beauty; the pair exchanged vows, rings and their first kiss as husband and wife. A moment we at Luke Granger Photography, were proud to capture on camera. I know they will treasure these photographs for years to come, after all the best investment for any wedding is the photography.

As the newlyweds left the room, they were congratulated and cheered by their excited guests.

I wouldn't normally comment on such matters, but the mix of outfits the guests wore to this wedding was very surprising. Uncle Bob, who told me his favourite hobby was photography, can be seen below in full suit and tie whereas other guests wore a mixture of unusual attire. One lady, who introduced herself as Ms Baskin, had even dressed up like a tiger, rumour has it she killed her husband but I wouldn't like to spread such gossip.

Following the ceremony, we gathered the guests for the traditional throwing of confetti. You can see the happy couples smiles are fixed on their faces in every shot; it's so amazing to see them happy.

At the evening reception, Wendy and Peter took the opportunity to cut their beautiful cake. Hand made with such detail, the bride and groom topper stood proudly on the top tier for all to see, I was kindly given a slice and it was delicious.

As the band continued and the wedding guests began to party, Wendy and Peter took some much needed time away from the crowds to enjoy a twilight photoshoot together in the venue grounds.

The grounds were beautiful and as the moonlight shone through the trees I could really capture the love that surrounds this happy couple on camera. We explored the floral gardens, stopping to take photographs along the way and enjoyed the quiet pace for a little while. The day had been so busy and filled with such a buzz that this time was precious; it was a time to reflect and to let memories of the day soak in.

Sharing jokes and speaking about the future, the bond between Wendy and Peter was strong. It was clear to me that the spark between them had grown deeper over the course of the day; united by fate, love and adventure.

After the twilight shoot was over, we returned to the reception just in time to watch Uncle Bob embarrass himself on the dance floor (I do hope his suit was not hired). It would be unfair of me to share such photos but lets just say we all saw more of him that he had intended us to. Thankfully, Wendy and Peter saw the funny side although Im not sure Bob's wife did as she whisked him away very quickly.

After a drink at the bar with the happy couple, our job here was done. We said our goodbyes and wished them and their guests a goodnight before making the very short trip home.

I hope you all enjoyed these moments of Wendy & Peter's wedding day, feel free to share it with your friends and family as It was written with the aim to make our readers smile.

As a wedding photographer, I can without a doubt say it was the best wedding I shot in May 2020.

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