Business Development Services

Whether you are looking to expand an established business or have an amazing vision but don't know where to start, my support will help you focus on the path to success. With a number of years experience as a professional photographer, alongside owning a range of successful businesses, I offer a number of business development services to individuals and small businesses looking for support.

There is no doubt that I operate a very can do approach to business. I do not dwell on the negatives, I use them as opportunities to push my own boundaries and experiment until a solution is found. Although this is not always easy, the growth and development I have experienced over the years gave me the confidence to become a self employed entrepreneur full time back in 2017 and I have never looked back.

I strongly believe that with enough drive and vision anything is possible, but it is important to not let passion override practicalities. A business needs to be viable and efficient to succeed and I aim to share my tried and tested methods with my business development clients. It's important that those looking to build a business do so with an open mind, as your mentor I will be critical where I feel is needed but ultimately it will be up to you to invest your efforts where you feel is suitable.

Taking a giant leap is a brave move on the business battlefield; I can assure you, that the sense of pride will be worth it when victory awards you.

Please email if you have any questions. 1:1 sessions are available on request.

Business Development With Luke Granger Photography

We offer a wide range of online and in person development sessions throughout the year to meet the needs of our training clients. 1:1 courses can be scheduled on an individual basis but all group training dates will be launched below. If you are interested in a course that is not currently being advertised, do get in touch to discuss as new dates are added regularly or a recording of a previous session may be available.