Flowers seem like another one in a million detail that go into planning a wedding in Kent. Whether it’s when throwing the bouquet or creating a stunning table centrepiece, you want to make sure your wedding flowers look amazing and it can be a daunting decision to make.

When it comes to choosing your flowers, the idea of artificial flowers might raise a few eyebrows, but don't worry, we’re not talking about the plastic ones pulled out of a magician’s hat. Artificial flowers today are highly convincing and can be just as sophisticated as fresh ones. Here at Luke Granger Photography we have listed some key points to consider when deciding on which type wedding flowers to choose for your wedding day.

If you need help deciding on whether to choose real or artificial wedding flowers, enjoy reading our blog.

Choosing Real Wedding Flowers

The Good, The Bad & The Temperamental

Traditional, sophisticated and delicate, you could argue that nothing beats real flowers; there’s no doubt that real flowers have a luxurious feel to them but there are also some downfalls to choosing real flowers for your your wedding. Here are some of the pros and cons for choosing real wedding flowers.

Pros & Cons of Choosing Real Flowers

Weddings are a sensory experience and real flowers have what artificial flowers can never imitate – their beautiful scent! There’s something very personal about a flowers smell, and along with your wedding photographs the floral aroma will help you remember your amazing wedding day.

Real flowers have an authentic charm and you might want your wedding to have that certain earthly beauty that real wedding flowers bring. 

If you want seasonal blooms to match your wedding, then you will need to consider this when choosing your wedding flowers. For example, if you’re having a summer wedding, sunflowers might be the key wedding flower to choose, however if you want real sunflowers at your January wedding, that not going to be easy for your florist to source.

Real flowers are delicate and you must understand that some fresh flowers may not look their best for long.

Real flowers don’t have the longevity you may need and most will naturally wilting and brown during the day. Timing is key when it comes to real flowers and there’s a possibility that away from water, their delicate blooms may not last for your whole wedding day.

    Real flowers can become quite costly so its important you work closely with your florist to ensure they achieve your vision for the day. Many couples choose to dry preserve and/or frame their fresh wedding bouquets to create a special memento from the day.

Choosing Artificial Wedding Flowers

Why Choose Them & Where They May Fall Short

As mentioned, artificial flowers are often an affordable and convincing alternative to fresh wedding flowers. They make a lovely lasting memento of the day as can be kept forever and when you have a million other things to worry about, artificial flowers mean you don't need to be concerned that your flowers won’t last until the end of the day.  

 Artificial flowers are easier to manipulate and can be customised to suit your wedding’s colour scheme or theme very easily. Artificial flowers are made from different materials: latex, silk and even paper are all popular choices.

It may seem a little silly but Artificial flowers are a great choice if you or your wedding guests have hay fever. A day avoided of coughs and sneezes is got to be a positive reason to choose artificial flowers.

If you are having a Winter Wedding but want summer flowers, then of course fresh flowers won’t be widely available. Artificial flowers allow flexibility and mean that seasons aren’t an obstacle and you can choose any floral combination you like.  

If you are environmentally conscious, there are many artificial florists who hire artificial flowers for the day. An affordable and eco-friendly avenue to explore, its great that faux flowers can be reused again and again. 

·      Another benefit of choosing artificial flowers is that they can be much cheaper than their authentic counterparts. It's important to choose a reputable artificial florist who offers quality and realism but there can be a significant prize difference between real and artificial flowers, fantastic if you are looking for affordable wedding flowers.

As you will have read, there are pros and cons to both real and faux wedding flowers so it is important to explore your options before the big day. Whatever option you choose, there are a whole host of fantastic suppliers out there who can share their expertise and creativity with you. If you are interested in Artificial flowers, we recommend getting in touch with the lovely Katie from Maidstone based, The Kentish Wreath Company. She always manages to work her magic and can create fantastic masterpieces for both your wedding day and your home.

Alternatively, many couples choose to combine elements of both fresh and faux floristry on their wedding day.

Here are a few ideas that may inspire you if you are having difficulty making a decision

Gifting Centrepieces

Vased floral centrepieces will keep well in all weathers so you may choose to gift these to family, friends or to a local home, hospice or hospital. Sharing a little happiness to others is always a lovely gesture.

Best of Both

You may be able to mix and match artificial and fresh flowers to get the best of both worlds. Buttonholes typically don't get handled as much so the groom can bring the floral aroma whilst the bridal bouquet can have the practicalities of artificial blooms. Selecting a common flower such as Rose's will allow florists to coordinate the two together, any good florist will work with you to achieve your vision.

Sell On After

If you choose to go down the artificial floral route, you may choose to adopt the reuse and recycle method and sell or gift your bouquet, centrepieces etc to another couple.

Local Facebook groups are a great way to do this.

Lastly, the selection of photos across this blog are a mixture of fresh and faux flowers, can you tell which are which? Because even we find it hard sometimes