Unlike many other Kent wedding photographers, all our main packages come with a wedding album. “Why?” I hear you ask, because true art does not belong on a USB stick. In Greek, “photography” means “drawing with light”. I am an artist, my camera is my paintbrush and it is my eye which determines the light that you see. 

We want your wedding album to preserve those precious memories, to transport you back to your wedding day every time you turn the pages and that is why you are involved in the design process. I want you to take pride in your wedding album, show it to your family as years go by and remember each and every moment with joy.

In just 4 steps, we can create something magnificent together.

How To Design Your Wedding Album

Step One

Visit your online gallery and select your favourite photographs using the heart indicator (this allows us to see which ones you have selected). We recommend choosing a selection of posed, documentary and detail images from throughout the day to ensure that we can design an album that allows memories to flow naturally.

The size of the album or package you have chosen, will determine how many photographs will fit within your album but as a guide: A 20 page album should include no more than 50 photographs, 30 page albums would be 75 photographs and so on.

If you are finding it hard to choose your favourites, then additional pages can be purchased (see your gallery store or ask for details)

Step Two

Next you may select your fabric and design choices for the external design of your wedding album; some couples choose to coordinate with the theme of their wedding, whereas others match to the decor of their home.

You may choose from the Leatherette or Linen fabrics listed below for the main album (boxed albums will also require a ribbon choice) You may wish to select one fabric or mix and match for a bespoke design.

The Pearl Collection (20 Pages)

20x20cm Square or 20x30cm Vertical Album

Fabric Choice for the Back & Spine

Fabric Choice for the Front

Personalisation for the Front - Names/Date or Photograph

The Gold Collection (30 Pages)

20x20cm Square or 25x35cm Vertical Album

Fabric Choice for the Back & Spine of the Album

Fabric Choice for the Front of the Album

Fabric Choice for the Presentation Box

Ribbon Colour

Personalisation for the Front - Names/Date or Photograph

The Diamond Collection (40 Pages)

35cm x 25cm Horizontal Album

Fabric Choice for the Back & Spine of the Album

Fabric Choice for the Front of the Album

Fabric Choice for the Presentation Box

Fabric Choice for the lining for the Presentation Box

Ribbon Colour

Personalisation for the Front - Names/Date or Photograph

There are additional fabric choices available for the Diamond Collection, so if you would like to look at the full range, do get in touch.

Step Three

When you have finished making your choices, let us know that you have and then we can work on the internal wedding album design for you. We design each album layout to suit the photographs that have been chosen so each one will be different from the next. We take inspiration from the day allowing the album to tell a story and collections of images to sit well with each other. Once we have finished, we will send you a virtual copy of your album for approval; we are happy to make any changes you wish so don't be shy to ask or swap images over.

Step Four

Handmade in Italy our albums are made with great art and precision, therefore they will take around 4 weeks to be delivered directly to us. Once they have arrived safely, we will make arrangements to deliver the album to you or invite you for a viewing session at our home office.

The process of designing a wedding album, is a fantastic experience. Grab a drink, snuggle on the sofa with a laptop together and enjoy reminiscing about your special day as newlyweds.

If you need any advice or help along the way, be sure to get in touch and we will do our best to help.

For album upgrade pricing or wall art, please visit the print store linked to your gallery.

Leatherette Selection

A soft but luxurious leatherette, chosen for its highly resistant durability and effortless beauty.

Nice Day For A White Wedding - Leatherette - Luke Granger Photography
Introducing Greige - Leatherette - Luke Granger Photography
Ice Ice Baby - Leatherette - Luke Granger Photography
Into The Unknown - Leatherette - Luke Granger Photography
Wild Compost - Leatherette - Luke Granger Photography
Pale Pewter - Leatherette - Luke Granger Photography
Pewter Pipework - Leatherette - Luke Granger Photography
Smooth Operator - Leatherette - Luke Granger Photography
Chestnuts Roasting - Leatherette - Luke Granger Photography
Antique Boardwalk - Leatherette - Luke Granger Photography
Autumn Leaves - Leatherette - Luke Granger Photography
Tanned Loafer - Leatherette - Luke Granger Photography
Rustic Charm - Leatherette - Luke Granger Photography
Autumnal Walk - Leatherette - Luke Granger Photography
Slingback Sandle - Leatherette - Luke Granger Photography
Golden Beaches - Leatherette - Luke Granger Photography
City Smoke - Leatherette - Luke Granger Photography
Herbivore - Leatherette - Luke Granger Photography
Grass Stains - Leatherette - Luke Granger Photography
Limoncello Splash - Leatherette - Luke Granger Photography

Linen Selection

With a colour palette of warm and natural tones, the linen fabrics are a popular choice. The 70% linen and 30% cotton combination ensures durability and a timeless elegance.

Ribbon Colour Choices

All boxed albums will feature a fine satin ribbon that can contrast or compliment you fabric choices