As a Kent wedding photographer, it is my job to capture the whole atmosphere of your day including all of those intricate details that you have put so much energy into. I have included some of my favourites on this page.

You don’t want to forget the flowers, jewellery or the place settings, the sixpence you stuck into your shoe or the wedding cake that was covered in ornate lace... I could go on and on but we would be here all day!

Unlike many other Kent wedding photographers, all my packages come with an album. “Why?” I hear you ask, because true art does not belong on a USB stick. 

In Greek, “photography” means “drawing with light”. I am an artist, my camera is my paintbrush and it is my eye which determines the light that you see. 

I spend hours editing your photographs to ensure they are perfect. I am critical yet precise and it is during this editing phase that the majority of my skills are invested. I choose the best quality printers, the most suitable papers and the sharpest of inks to deliver your final product to you. I pride myself on quality & I aim to deliver that to each and every one of my clients.

I want your wedding album to preserve those memories, to transport you back to your wedding day every time you turn the pages and that includes those little details. If I could give couples just one piece of advice, it would be to prioritise some of those little details into your album. 

Yes, of course you want photos of Granny and Uncle Frank dancing to the YMCA but do you really need that covering a whole spread in your album or would one do? Details make an album flow, they allow us to transport back to a memory or allow us to share memories with those who weren’t there.

Think of this...

In 20 years time your daughter is getting married and asks to see some photographs of your wedding day. You sit together turning the pages of the album with love and excitement and she comments how beautiful your bouquet was. 

Her big day arrives, you are in the front row and proudly watch as your husband walks her down the aisle. She reaches the end, kisses him gently on the cheek, turns to you and says “You walked down with me too” before handing you her bouquet. It is identical to yours. Gold ribbon, dusky pink roses, cream carnations & sprigs of gypsophila.  

Like I said, it's all in the detail.