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Registry Office Weddings In Kent

Small weddings can be just as beautiful as any other, especially when the Registry offices look like these.

Danson House in Bexleyheath, Archbishops Palace in Maidstone and Wellington House in Canterbury are all fantastic wedding ceremony venues in Kent and their grand decor make an excellent backdrop for some amazing wedding photographs.

Although there are many registry offices across the country, many are tired, office type buildings which don't suit the glamorous grandeur of a wedding day. However, at Archbishops Palace, Danson House and Wellington House you are welcomed by a historical property that has beautiful decor all year round. Alongside a team of staff who will do anything possible to make your wedding day special, a registry office wedding can be a beautiful celebration of love.

Many couples feel that with a registry office wedding, there is zero opportunity to take fantastic photographs but we can assure you with either Danson House, Archbishops Palace or Wellington House you will not be disappointed. Danson House is set in a large park area with a beautiful landscaped garden, wide open spaces and woodland, whereas Archbishops Palace has a smaller walled rose garden on property but is adjacent to the River Medway which offers many opportunities to enjoy and capture memories of your wedding day. Wellington House, in Canterbury is also a riverside location which makes a beautiful backdrop for wedding photographs all year round. The elegant decor from the property looks fantastic and the location is just a stones throw away from the city centre.

How To Choose A Registry Office?

Firstly its important to mention their are plenty of other registry offices across Kent, but for us, Archbishops Palace and Danson House are the ones that stand out for having a bit more glam and grandeur about them. To find out more about Archbishops Palace & Danson House, take a look at some more information below.

outside photos of the front of archbishops palace in maidstone

Photo of Archbishops Palace Registry Office in Maidstone Kent

Archbishops Palace

If you are looking for a wedding venue in Maidstone, Archbishops Palace is a beautiful choice. Nestled along the River Medway, It's name comes from once being the residence of the Archbishop of Canterbury back in the 14th Century. Steeped in history, Archbishops Palace hosts a stunning walled Apothecary garden and sweeping driveway for a grand entrance.

The gardens are a lovely quiet spot to take photographs, especially in the summer when the flowers are in bloom. Regardless of the weather, there are some fantastic locations along the river we can experiment and explore together on your wedding day.

Click here to go to the Kentish Weddings website where you can book Archbishops Palace.

outside shot of the front of danson house in bexleyheath

Photo of Danson House Registry Office in Bexleyheath Kent

Danson House

Of all the Registry Offices in Kent, Danson House is my all-time favourite. Situated in the London Borough of Bexley, Danson House is a stunning Grade I Georgian style villa overlooking parkland and the picturesque Danson Lake which makes it such a wonderful choice if you are looking a registry office.

For a Kent wedding photographer, its fantastic to be able to capture the beauty of a small wedding whilst still having the luxury of such a beautiful setting. With a wedding venue like Danson House you will certainly capture some amazing photographs both inside the venue and out in the beautiful grounds.

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Click here to go to the Kentish Weddings website where you can book Danson House.

groom looking nervous as bride and her dad walk up the isle
bride and groom taking their wedding vows
bride and groom kissing after just getting married

Pro's & Cons To Having A Registry Office Wedding

When considering any wedding venue in Kent, I'ts important to consider a number of factors before you book to ensure the venue is right for you.

Multiple Locations

By opting for a registry office wedding, you will need to book your wedding reception venue separately and travel from one to another during the day. Some couples love this idea whereas others would prefer to stay in one location for the whole celebration.

There are plenty of options for wedding reception venues nearby to both Danson House & Archbishops. Danson Park has a quaint cafe type venue called Fleur de The, aswell as Danson Stables, both of which can both be booked for private events and are situated within the grounds.

Archbishops Palace is in walking distance to Maidstone town centre, so there are options to suit any budget. Mumu's Cabaret club would probably be my choice as their food is superb, plus they have so many entertainment contacts that could certainly help get the party started.


A Kentish Ceremony, who manage both Danson House & Archbishops Palace charge between £355 - £1170 (day & ceremony room dependant) for couples to get married at either location. This cost is considerably less than many other Kent wedding venues but that is because the use of the venue is restricted to around just 1.5 hours.

Although short, this gives plenty of time for wedding guests to meet beforehand, the couple to say their I do's and then access to the grounds for a short time afterwards to take photographs and generally allow guests to mingle.

For a small wedding budget, the low cost is a great selling point to having a registry office wedding.

Exclusive Use

Most mainstream wedding venues only book one wedding per day, however during peak wedding season Registry offices in Kent can host up to 6 weddings (plus continue to hold other appointments within the building)

Obviously these are staggered throughout the day and spread across different ceremony rooms, so personally it wouldn't matter to me but everyone is different. The only time couples tend to cross paths is usually if one has arrived earlier/later than scheduled or a couple has taken additional time exploring the grounds.

If congratulating another couple on your wedding day seems too strange then maybe a registry office wedding isn't for you.

Planning Time

With less bespoke options to choose than with a mainstream wedding venue, planning a registry office wedding is often much quicker to do. Both Archbishops Palace & Danson House have a number of ceremony rooms to choose from but their decor stays the same and the layouts only vary slightly.

Depending on the size and location of your wedding reception will determine how much planning that part of the day will need, but certainly a wedding registry office ceremony is fairly simple to plan.

Time of Day

With an exclusive use wedding venue, you can return to an area multiple times to take wedding photographs throughout the day, however this is not possible with a registry office wedding.

When selecting the time of day for your wedding, be sure to consider how the daylight/sunset times will effect the wedding photographs you are after and any other plans you have in mind for the day.

Be sure to get in touch if you need any advice from us.

The Future

As marriage is such a significant moment in your lives together, I love the idea that you by choosing to get married at your local registry office, you could potentially return for another special celebration. In the future, the time may come to register the birth of your children, creating the perfect excuse to return and reminisce about your special day.

One of our 2018 couples recently registered the birth of their first child, with the same registrar who certified their marriage and both of their own births; It was obviously meant to be.

In the modern world of weddings, there are no hard and fast rules as to how a wedding should or shouldn't be. There is so much beauty in every unique wedding and there are many benefits for choosing a registry office wedding; flexibility, affordability and a relaxed atmosphere to name a few.

With stunning Kent registry offices like Danson House, you can enjoy an amazing day in a beautiful setting.

bride and groom just married having photos taken in danson house gardens
bride and groom just married having photos taken in danson house gardens against a brick wall
bride and groom just married having photos taken in danson house gardens confetti