Although I certainly don't consider myself to be a wildlife photographer, I am regularly finding myself drawn to photographing a range of different birds and animals. Experimenting and building on my existing photography and editing skills has always helped grow my passion for photography and although I will admit I sometimes lack patience, I have enjoyed practicing wildlife photography.

Photographing Squirrels

As a photographer, visiting a wildlife hide is a really exciting experience, especially when the area is home to a large family of red jumping squirrels. These furry little friends modelled well in exchange for an assortment of nuts and I hope you can agree the photographs came out brilliantly.

Photographing Deer

Taken during a recent trip to Richmond Park, these autumnal photographs of deer are some of our favourite nature shots so far. Keen to capture the deer exploring their natural habitat, we arrived early and spent a few hours appreciating the slow pace. Although we visited during rutting season, we didn't see tons of male boisterousness, but we did unexpectedly capture a handful of X rated shenanigans (Bethany says I am not allowed to post) and intend to return again in the Summer.

Photographing Birds of Prey

I have previously written about my private photoshoot with Wise Owl Bird & Prey Rescue on our blog so regular readers will have seen these photos before. These birds were magnificent to see up close and I loved learning more about such interesting animals. You might be surprised to hear that these feathered creatures actually have really long legs!

Photographing Swans

A family walk proved to be a great opportunity for a spot of wildlife photography recently, as I managed to get these shots of a pair of beautiful swans. Based at Leeds Castle, these two were happily splashing around in the afternoon drizzle watching passers by dodge the rain and it was great to see up close how their feathers repelled water.

Photographing Insects

I'm not exactly a fan of creepy crawlies so what gave me the bright idea of getting up close and personal with these I have no idea. Taken from home using a macro lens, I am pretty impressed with how these shots came out and will definitely consider some more insect photography in the future. Butterflies, Dragonflies and Bee's would be ideal subjects to capture and I intend to experiment more insect photography in the Spring.

I have plans to continue my experiments with wildlife photography and already have some exciting shoots planned. Kingfishers, Otters and Herons are all on the list for nature photography in 2021 and I intend to create a 2022 Wildlife calendar. This will go on sale towards the end of the year with the proceeds going to a wildlife charity.