Written by Bethany, PA to Luke Granger Photography

As photographers in Kent, we strongly believe that the quality of our work deserves to be showcased professionally from start to finish. Every photograph we share is edited with Luke's expert eye for detail and precision, therefore we chose to build a sister company, Bethany Lauren, that focusses on premium photographic printing.

Whether we are photographing a wedding, a property or a commercial project, it is important that we are critical yet precise with our work. We invest our time and expertise into each individual photograph that we release and therefore we feel very passionate about how our work should be printed. Quality does not have to equal expensive but to present our work in a professional, artistic way, will naturally cost a little more than your average supermarket printing service. The results however are fantastic.

Despite there being a wide range of photographic printing companies across the country, we felt so strongly about ensuring our clients receive quality and value in equal measure.

At Bethany Lauren, our Canon imagePROGRAF Pro-4100 44" Photo Printer is now housed in our purpose built workshop; enabling us to deliver high quality prints to our own clients and to other likeminded professional (and amateur) photographers within the industry.

After extensive product and material testing we have sourced a UK based frame supplier and have a selection of the finest quality archival papers to offer range to offer a larger range to our clients which combined with Luke's previous expertise within the printing sector and our design service is proving a great success.

Naturally, our Luke Granger Photography clients are now taking advantage of our new photographic printing service and we are so pleased to have received fantastic feedback so far. Clients can directly purchase prints, wall art and albums through their password protected gallery, where prices are kept as competitive as possible.

Luke Granger Photographic Print & Wall Art Prices 2021

Photographic Prints - From £2.00

Classic Canvas' - From £65.00

Premium Canvas' - From £200.00

Classic Framed Prints - From £45.00

Premium Framed Prints - From £160.00

Amalfi Wall Art - From £140.00

Although through Bethany Lauren, we mainly supply to amateur and professional photographers, our range is open to all who wish to use our photographic printing service and we intend to extend the range over time. If you require any photographic printing for personal use, feel free to use TEAMGRANGER to get 10% off prints at checkout.