This Blog Post Was Written By Bethany, PA to Luke Granger

In the blink of an eye, the cost of a wedding can grow well into £1000's. Most couples budget for the obvious things like the gorgeous dress and best wedding photographer but the small elements of a wedding soon add up, before you know it you have spent far more than you had planned to.

There is nothing wrong with a little indulgence; after all your wedding day is one of the most important days in your life and it should be the day of your dreams. It's important that throughout the wedding planning process you remember the reasons why you and your significant other have chosen to do this. You are declaring your love to the world, you are making the ultimate promise to share your life with the person you love. That alone is something magical.

Being in a position to give a little to others less fortunate than yourself is a wonderful thing. You have found someone who will support you through sickness and health, but not everyone has that special someone and there are many charities who could benefit from a little support.

At Luke Granger Photography, we aim to be as socially responsible as possible; we often donate to charities or organisations that touch our hearts and we would like to introduce a few ideas on how you may wish to give a little on your wedding day.

Wedding Favours

An increasing popular idea, charity wedding favours are a fantastic way of supporting a cause close to your heart whilst giving guests a meaningful keepsake of the day.

Due to repeat requests, many charities now offer special wedding themed options which are a fantastic way of contributing to good causes. Often ranging from £1-£2, all charities, regardless of their size, seem to have a pin badge on offer many have a number of designs to choose from but the message of support remains the same. Here are a few of my favourites...

The ‘Man of Men’ badge represents awareness for the fathers, sons, partners, uncles, friends or colleagues who have or will benefit from the support and research that Prostate Cancer UK are fighting for. The card displays the badge as a groom alongside a thank you message inside.

The Alzheimers Society combine their favours with their place cards, the efficiency of ticking off two things at the same time is fantastic. With a choice of gold or silver the elegant design would suit almost any wedding whilst contributing funds to such a fantastic dementia charity.

Cancer Research Trust have a lovely range of pin badges in both traditional and novelty designs. I know people of all ages who would proudly wear a Dinosaur or Unicorn in support of the charity and as a memento of such a fun filled day.

Alternative Ideas

If you wish to, there are many other ways to include a charity within your wedding day.


MacMillan Cancer Trust have a lovely wedding range on their website. My favourite pin badge would be the 'Meant to Bee' design but I also love their natural confetti.

The delicate English petals, along with the packaging, are all biodegradable so perfect for those concerned about the environment. The pouches would easily be shared by a few guests or emptied into a basket for the flower girl to distribute amongst everyone.

Dog Bandanas

Some may be surprised how popular it is becoming to bring the furry members of the family along to your wedding. But... If you are your furry friend is walking down the aisle it's important they look the part right?

The Dogs Trust have a range of items available to purchase such as cufflinks and badges but the best has got to be these "Dog of Honour" or "Best Dog" bandana collars. A fantastic novelty way of supporting one of the nations most loved animal charities.

Scratch Cards

In the last 25 years, The National Lottery have donated over £40 billion to good causes across the UK. Although not an obvious choice, a scratch card can make a fantastic charitable favour to give your guests. You can either give as they are or get a card made like the one above from Etsy. Wouldn't it be wonderful if one of your guests hit the jackpot?

Top tip - Designs change throughout the year so keep an eye out for colours that suit the theme of your wedding or see what they release around Valentines Day, they often have some love designs.

Something To Grow

The British Heart Foundation offer a fantastic natural solution that would make an ideal wedding favour. At a cost of 60p each they have plantable paper hearts which are fantastic value and will give joy to your guests, well after the day is over.

Your guests must simply soak the heart and lay it amongst layers of soil. After a couple of weeks in the sun and regular water, beautiful wildflowers will grow.

For The Children

Teddy Bears

Weddings can be quite daunting for the little ones; a mixture of excitement, lots of new faces and their routine being thrown out of the window can bring a lot of nerves so a new cuddly friend could be the perfect solution.

Help For Heroes offer some adorable little cuddly bears and dogs that younger guests would love to share the day with, prices start from £6; ideal if you have just a handful of children attending.

Activity Packs

Marie Curie have put together a lovely keep busy pack to entertain the younger wedding guests. What better way to encourage the children to stay quiet during those all important speeches.

Fairly cost effective, £7.50 provides a placemat and crayons for 8 children alongside a "Kids Table" sign or £5 buys 5 individual activity books.

Alternatively, there are a number of ways you can give after your wedding day is over that you may not have considered previously.

Floral Donations

Although it is important to ask ahead if it is appropriate, many nursing homes welcome floral arrangement donations to display. Fresh flowers can bring residents so much joy as they brighten up their regular environment. Be sure to get in touch with your local home.

Wedding Dress Donations

There are a number of options you have in terms of donating your wedding dress. Many women pass on their gowns to another bride and this can be done through an organisation like Gift of a Wedding or a simple drop off to the local charity shop. Alternatively, there are a number of organisations like Sleeping Beauties who make angel gowns; these delicately made garments are given to families who have lost young babies and are often treasured by their families at such an emotional time.

Everything Else...

We at Luke Granger Photography are registered as a supplier with Gift of a Wedding, their mission is to plan and pay for weddings of those with terminal or life shortening illnesses. The charity organise donated products and services to provide everything a couple would need to say I do.f you have any wedding related items that you no longer need, you could be changing someones life and making their dreams come true.

All photographs have been selected from the charities website.