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Luke Granger Photography

Whether we are speaking with couples at a wedding fair or clients when hosting on training courses we are often told that our personalities bounce off each other. Naturally Luke is the face (and name) behind our business, but we all know every great President needs a First Lady which is where I come in. As we are unable to currently meet our clients in person due to Lockdown 3.0, we figured our website is the perfect place to help you get to know us better.

If you fancy getting to know more about the dynamic duo that is Luke Granger Photography, have a read through our Question and Answer session below. We have included a mixture of questions we often get asked, plus some that were submitted through our Instagram especially for this blog.

General Life Questions

Are You A Husband & Wife Couple? How Did You Meet?

We are 100% a couple but we aren't married... yet!!! We met through Plenty of Fish in Feb 2018 and it was one of those situations where we knew we were right for each other almost straight away. Despite the fact we drive each other nuts sometimes, we know we have a good thing going; without fail we laugh together everyday and are often thinking the same thing or finishing each others sentences. Our lives are not filled with glamorous date nights, flashy gifts or exotic holidays, instead we love chilling in bed binge watching tv, getting a takeaway and fighting over who ate the last chocolate biscuit!

PS It's a long story, but I changed my name via deed poll a couple of years ago so I am actually named Mrs Bethany Granger already!

If You Could Go Anywhere In The World, Where Would It Be?

Beth - I dream of watching the Northern lights whilst sitting in a hot tub at some luxury hotel in Iceland whilst Luke feeds me chocolate covered strawberries. Thats top of my list! I would also love to explore Canada and America as I think they have so much to offer and if its not too much to ask, an African Safari would be great too!

Luke - I have already been to Australia when I was younger but would love to go back again. The lifestyle that Australians have is so much more relaxed, the food, the weather suits me but I would have to stay away from the spiders.

What Are Your Hobbies?

Beth - I love going back through our memories, so I really enjoy scrapbooking. I haven't done any in ages but also find Diamond painting quite relaxing too.

Luke - I have a piano & a guitar but don't practice very often. I should really, incase I ever need to step in at a wedding.

Do You Have Any Pets?

Beth - I have two cats called Oreo Nibbler & Gingey Walt (aged 9), but they have lived with my parents for the last 2 years. We don't have a garden so when I moved in with Luke, they went to live with their Nanny & Grandad who spoil them with food. When we buy a bigger house, they will come back to live with us and I can have my daily cuddles again.

What Would You Do With A Lottery Win?

Beth - I would build our forever house; 5 Bedrooms with plenty of space to host Christmas Dinner and a nice garden with a photography studio for us to work from. I'd also book a holiday for all our family in one of the big lodges or tree houses in CentreParcs.

Luke - I would buy more investment properties so we had a constant income. I'd also start a charity to teach business development to people who have had a difficult time as I think this would be a good legacy to leave behind.

What 3 Things Would You Take To A Desert Island?

Beth - A pillow so I can get a good sleep, loads of food because I easily get hangry and an iPod so I can sing along and stay entertained.

Luke - My camera (with loads of batteries so that I can take lots of photographs of the island, a fully stocked beer fridge and a bow and arrow so I can hunt for food.

Business Related Questions

What Made You Choose To Be A Wedding Photographer?

Back in the early days of dating, Luke asked me "If you could do anything career wise what would it be?" I replied saying I would love to be a wedding photographer because Id love to be part of something so special, but the settings on a camera confuse the hell out of me. Luke had been a professional photographer for a number of years already, so he knew with training and practice he could adapt his skills to be a wedding photographer. Two days later (and some extensive research) he was booked in with one of the countries leading wedding photographers for some training and we began focusing on wedding photography.

What Did You To Do For A Job Before?

Beth - Before I became Luke's personal assistant, I spent 12 years slogging it in retail which was a bit of a love/hate relationship. I worked hard to progress at Laura Ashley going from a Sunday girl to supervisor in just under 5 years, then I was an Assistant manager at Burton Menswear for a couple of more before becoming a Store Manager for Greggs.

I loved most of the people I worked with but the pressures and frustrations were starting to drive me mad. Meeting Luke made me realise that life was too short so I said goodbye to Sausage rolls and now work from home supporting him alongside running my own content writing business.

Luke - When I was younger I didn't know what I wanted to do so I dabbled in a few things before I found my feet. I trained to be a chef for a while as I love cooking and I even attempted to be a teacher but I soon realised that was too structured for me. I worked in the Estate Agent industry for about 10 years before I just couldn't justify the politics anymore. I decided to just focus on photography which I had already been doing on the side for a few years. It was a great choice and there is nothing better than being your own boss.

Best Advice For Someone Wanting To Become A Professional Photographer?

There are a few pointers that we would recommend taking note of if you are looking at joining the photography industry but our main piece of advice would be to always continue to learn and develop your skills. In such a competitive and diverse industry, it can be easy to get left behind or become stagnant within your work. Seek constructive criticism, adapt to changes in technology and the world around you; then even when you have perfected those skills, constantly test yourself and put them into practice.

Do You Find It Easy Working & Living Together?

It's not easy but we make it work because there are so many benefits that make it right for us. Sometimes we fight like cat and dog, but we get over it and know that we are in this together for the long haul. Being able to grow ideas and share experiences together alongside the freedom to work when it suits us makes the difficult times worth it.

We appreciate that sometimes the business needs us to work until midnight and having a day where we don't check our emails is impossible. Having a mutual understanding and invested interest in our future means we don't resent each other or feel as though life is all work, no play.

Wedding Related Questions

What Is Your Favourite Wedding Venue In Kent?

Wedding venues are such a personal choice as there are so many factors to consider, you may love a wedding venue but if your dream is to arrive by helicopter and they don't have a helipad then you are going to need to cross it off the list!

What one couple wants from a wedding venue differs from another, so I'm not going to pick a favourite wedding venue but If you have an idea of what you are after and want my opinion on your shortlist, then let me know.

That said, we are looking at options for our own wedding and have narrowed it down to two Kent Wedding Venues: The Cave Hotel in Canterbury or Danson House in Bexley. Both would give us very different weddings, The Cave offers a modern all inclusive style wedding day, whereas Danson would be a registry office wedding followed by a small gathering. We are yet to decide which direction we will choose but the main thing is we are happy either way.

What Made You Choose To Be A Wedding Photographer?

Back in the early days of dating, Luke asked me "If you could do anything career wise what would it be?" I replied saying I would love to be a wedding photographer because Id love to be part of something so special. At that point Luke had been a professional photographer for a number of years already, so he knew with training and practice he could adapt his skills. Two days later he was booked in with one of the countries leading wedding photographers for some training and soon he became an award winning wedding photographer himself.

What Is Your Favourite Moment Of A Wedding?

Beth - I love the moment when a Groom see's the Bride for the first time. I always get quite emotional and have to clench back to tears so that I'm not the ugly crier in the corner.

Luke - Taking time out of the day to get some wow shots with the couple is always my favourite part. Whether we are using smoke grenades, popping Champagne or climbing trees there is always plenty of laughter and I can tell that our couples are having so much fun together.

Top Pieces of Wedding of Advice

Well I guess hiring an amazing wedding photographer will always be our number 1 piece of wedding advice. We speak to lots of married couples who tell us they regret not giving their wedding photography the investment it deserves. Your wedding photographs will be the most treasured part of your wedding day so make sure you pick a wedding photographer you can trust to create magical shots of your day.

This is really hard for some people but try not to get too stressed during the lead up to the wedding day. Plan and communicate as much as you can in advance and allocate tasks to friends or family if you need to relieve some pressure. A wedding day should bring so much excitement and joy, not fill you with so much tension and stress that you just want it all to be over.

If you know that certain guests don't get along, don't push them together for the sake of tradition. There are too many occasions where I've seen separated parents being forced together and it just leads to awkwardness for everyone. Break free from tradition and allow all the people you love to have the space to relax and enjoy themselves on your wedding day.

Q&A Session With Luke Granger Photography

We hope you have enjoyed getting to know us a little more, we couldn't answer all the questions that were submitted but enjoyed sharing our favourites with you all. If you ever have any questions about any of our work feel free to get in touch, we love getting to know our clients personally, so hopefully we can see you all soon.

Luke & Bethany