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As Kent wedding photographers, we are always happy to answer any questions our Brides & Grooms throw our way. For us building a strong relationship with our couples is really important so there really is no such thing as a stupid question, especially when you are planning such an important day.

Here are a selection of the most common questions we get asked but if you have any others, feel free to get in touch.

Where Does The Kent Wedding Photographer Stand During The Ceremony?

This will greatly depend on the venue but as a general rule Luke will stand to the side of the registrars so he can capture all the action and he will move occasionally to change position if needed. Most of the Registrars we have come across are lovely, but some do enforce very strict rules about movement during the ceremony so if you notice Luke doesn't move at all, its probably because he has been told he isn't allowed to.

If you have multiple photographers booked then you would usually have one either side of the room, but they position themselves to avoid catching each other in the photographs.

What Time Does A Kent Wedding Photographer Arrive And Leave?

Our three main collections: Pearl, Gold & Diamond, include coverage during getting ready so we usually arrange to arrive with the Bride at around 2 hours before the ceremony. It will naturally depend on travel time to your venue too, but if you want us to be with you earlier, just let us know during your pre wedding meeting.

Depending on which one of our wedding photography collections you have booked, will depend on how long we stay during the evening. We always stay until at least after the first dance but if you we are doing a twilight shoot, then we will likely be with you a little longer, (especially if it's a summer wedding as we will need it to be dark).

What Happens If Our Kent Wedding Photographer Is Sick On The Day?

Thankfully we have never needed to do this, however its always important to have a back up plan in place. As a reputable Kent Wedding Photographer, Luke Granger Photography has a wide network of contacts across the country that we could call upon in an emergency.

After a brief from us, one of our trusted colleagues would stand in on our behalf and then when finished, they would hand over all their work. We would then edit your photographs in our style and deliver your album as expected. Its always important to plan for the worse.

A few weeks ahead, we ask our couples to complete a questionnaire where they nominate a point of contact for the day (usually a parent or a best man). We would get in touch with this person to explain who would be arriving in our place.

What Does A Wedding Photographer Wear To A Wedding?

This is a question that people always seem worried about asking, but they really shouldn't as it's a completely valid thought. Luke and any other male photographers will usually wear a smart shirt and trousers, with a waistcoat and formal shoes, whereas women will usually wear a seasonal appropriate smart casual outfit. As any wedding supplier will know, the aim is to not look out of place whilst keeping practical and professional.

PS - For peace of mind, all of our team bring replacement clothing incase any mishaps occur. Thankfully it has never happened to Luke but a colleague once split the seams of his trousers mid wedding and had to borrow a pair of jeans from the best man!

Do We Need To Feed Our Wedding Photographer?

Yes Please! Weddings can be pretty hectic and as a wedding photographer, who spends the whole day on our feet, we really do appreciate a short break to eat. We can either sit with your wedding guests selecting from the standard options or head to a separate area to tuck into something different; we really don't mind as long as we are fed somehow.

During the evening, if you are having a buffet then we will usually grab a quick bite too and of course we always appreciate being offered a slice of wedding cake!

What Would You Like To Eat?

Do You Have Any Dietary Requirements?

Classic dishes like pie, steak or a roast dinner are some of Lukes favourites but if he is asked to select from a bar menu he would usually be tucking into a nice juicy burger and chips. He is a little bit of a fussy eater; he doesn't eat cheese, isn't a fan of sandwiches or vegetables so I usually speak to each wedding venue in advance to ensure he has something to keep him going.

All bookings for Pearl, Gold & Diamond packages specify that the photographer(s) present will require food.

If we choose to bring an additional team member along (such as a lighting assistant) who doesn't form part of your official booking, we will make our own arrangements for payment of their food with the venue.

Do Kent Wedding Photographers Make You Pose All Day?

Our wedding photography is a combination of modern documentary and traditional styles as we feel this gives the best balance. We aim to document the essence of the day in a fun and natural way so will capture some shots as they happen, alongside make suggestions and directions along the way.

We seek inspiration from the people and the settings around us so if we spot an opportunity for a great photograph then we will let you or your guests know (this is what often gives some added wow!) but we certainly won't be getting you to pose all day.

We Don't Know How To Pose For Our Wedding Photographs, What Shall We Do?

Rest assured, we will give gentle directions throughout the day as we feel its needed but as you can see from our photographs, our aim to just make everyone enjoy the experience.

If you're a bit shy in front of the camera then booking one of our engagement photo shoots would be the best way to help you relax and feel a little more comfortable. They are a fantastic way to experiment with different poses whilst creating some extra memories together.

What Happens If It Rains On Our Kent Wedding Day & We Can't Get Any Photos?

No matter what time of year you choose to say "I do", there is always a possibility of bad weather but we have never let it stop us taking fantastic wedding photographs.

If you and your partner are prepared to brace the cold, we will grab the umbrellas and blankets out of the car, ready to head off for an adventure anyway, or if you would prefer to stay inside we will get creative with what your chosen wedding venue has to offer.

The likelihood of it raining non stop all day is slim, so we may be able to head out for a short time later on in the day.

Do You Just Take Photographs Of The Bride Getting Ready or Both The Bride & Groom?

Wedding logistics can be a little complicated but we always try to spend time with both the Bride and the Groom as they are preparing for their wedding day. When we have two Brides or two Grooms, it's even more important that no one feels left out so we try to make arrangements that give us plenty of time between locations.

With our Gold & Diamond Collections you have 2 photographers included which gives plenty of time for everyone. As you can see below, this Groom and his groomsmen had a great time together before the ceremony. A fantastic way to relax and make some memories with your best mates, something for everyone to enjoy.

Do You Write A Blog About Every Wedding? I'd Love You To Write One About Us

If I attend a wedding as an assistant, then its almost 100% guaranteed that I will write about our experience of the day but its not always possible, especially during peak wedding season as Luke is often too busy to write anything. As well as being a lovely read for the happy couple and their loved ones, blog writing is a fantastic SEO tool to help other couples find our wedding photography business so I certainly try my best to write as many as I can. If you specifically want one, then let us know during your pre wedding meeting and I will try make sure it happens.

Are You Both Kent Wedding Photographers?

Luke is a professional Kent Wedding Photographer but I'm not... yet! I plan to get more confident behind the camera but for now I'm busy enough, being a personal assistant isn't an easy job. If Luke feels he needs an extra pair of hands at a wedding I get to come along and join in the celebration too but otherwise I will be dealing with all the admin that goes into running our business. At a wedding I can usually be found running errands for everyone (not just Luke); I fasten button holes, fetch drinks, zip up dresses, hold babies, bouquets or cameras and I absolutely love every minute.

Is It Extra For You To Fly The Drone At Our Kent Wedding?

No, because it's not guaranteed that we will be able to. With every venue having different polices related to drone use and English weather being so unpredictable, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to get the drone in the air at every wedding.

However, if we feel that its is suitable to do so then we will do our best to gather a few shots at some point during the day. If you specifically want to use the drone for some group photographs with your guests then let us know and we will try as hard as possible to make it happen.

Is It Extra For You To Use Smoke Grenades & Sparklers In Our Wedding Photographs?

Our Gold and Diamond collections both include a twilight photoshoot where we often use smoke grenades & sparklers to add an extra bit of wow! As we cannot guarantee that we will have an opportunity to incorporate them, its not something we charge specifically for but if you are happy to experiment then let us know during your pre wedding meeting.

Please bear in mind, some venues do not permit the use of pyrotechnics therefore we must be respectful of their wishes.

How Long Does It Take Until We Get Our Wedding Photographs Back?

We usually aim to have your online gallery back to you within 2 weeks, however during peak wedding season it may be slightly longer or if we are quiet then you may get them within a few days. The process of culling and editing can be quite complex so its a stage we certainly don't want to rush but we have a really efficient process in place. Beth will cull the photos to choose the best selection and then we go through the gallery together to create your gallery.

If you have selected one of our wedding photography packages that includes an album, you will be asked to select your favourites photographs using our online gallery system, we will then complete the design and send you the layout to approve.

Typically once we have made any changes you request and you are happy, it would take 2 weeks to make and ship the album from the factory in Italy but some couples take months to shortlist their favourites.

Our Parents Want Copies Of Our Wedding Photographs, Can You Do This?

Yes of course, we have a wide range of options for parents or guests who want photographs for themselves. Prints, wall art and even complete albums can be created using your wedding photographs but we will only do so if you have given us permission. We tend to deal direct with whoever is placing an order so that its as trouble free for our couples as possible but if you want to create a gift for someone then just let us know.

If you have booked our Diamond Collection, parent albums are already included, so you can choose to help design these with us or let the parents get involved designing their own. Its always a lovely experience to and gives parents a fantastic opportunity to brag about the special day.

Do You Offer Discount on Your Kent Wedding Photography?

We occasionally offer discounts or special offers for couples we meet at wedding fairs but these will only be a handful of times each year. We feel our prices reflect the high standard of work we create for all our couples so although we are not a cheap wedding photographer in Kent, we are certainly one of the best.

If you work with the emergency services and qualify for a Blue Light Card, log in to your account and search for us; there may be a special discount for you.

How Much Deposit Do I Pay To Book My Wedding Photographer?

All Kent wedding photographers offer different payment terms but here at Luke Granger Photography we try to be as flexible as possible. As standard we take £500 booking fee but we are happy to split this into multiple payments if you would prefer.

For long engagements, we often take £250 at the initial booking, a further £250 when you reach your one year countdown and the final balance 6 weeks before your wedding. Its important you pay an amount to secure your date, but we are always happy to work with you. We appreciate how financially demanding a wedding can be.

Best Kent Wedding Photographer In Kent

If you are planning a Kent wedding and are looking for the best wedding photographer in Kent, I think you have found us!

We would love to hear from you about being part of your wedding day and I hope this blog has helped answer some of your questions. if you have any others, feel free to get in touch and we will do our bets to answer as soon as possible.