Professional Photography Training

With Luke Granger Photography

Having grown our own professional photography business significantly in recent years, we cover many areas within the photography industry and are proud to continually expand our services.

Our 1 year professional photography training course is designed to encourage you to evaluate your business in depth, discover opportunitues and give you inspiration to grow your photography business further.

We will teach you how to efficiently run your business, how to deliver proposals and quotes professionally and create engaging content that will get you noticed by all the right people. Developing the products you offer, improving your skills and building an effective portfolio will all be achieved through a series of online and in person training sessions designed to motivate and encourage you to grow.

A dynamic industry with many avenues to explore, it's important that you understand, becoming a successful photographer is not achieved overnight. I myself have been focussed on developing my own photography and business skills for over 10 years; learning alongside some of the countries finest photographers. I continue to take on challenges, explore new avenues and adjust to the ever changing industry I love; photography is more than just a business for me, its a passion.

Our professional photography training course will be presented as a series of face to face and online training courses. Each session focuses on expanding both your skills and knowledge to successfully grow your own photography business. Whether you are new to the industry or feel your business has become stagnant, there are many benefits and opportunities you will experience from our annual photography training course, please see below for a brief overview of each session.

Due to begin January 2021 with a completion date for December 2021, the course will be run in a small group setting where discussion is encouraged. We do not believe rigid classroom style teaching so the direction of each session will be lead with organic discussion and practical opportunities for everyone to enjoy.

Payments for our annual photography training course can be made in one of two ways

Upfront payment of £1500 or 10 Months Payments of £170

Annual Photography Training Course

Learning Schedule

Dates yet to be confirmed

Photography Basics

In Person Training - 10am - 5pm

There are lots of aspects to learn during our photography basics training day. After initial introductions within the group, a range of photography equipment will be demonstrated and discussed ensuring camera settings, lighting and best practices are understood as this will form the base for excelling at professional photography.

After a short break for lunch, the group will take what they have learnt to complete a series of practical activities; models will be present and support given throughout.

Business Development

In Person Training - 10am - 5pm

Attendees will learn how to actively drive their business forward, generate & secure new business, alongside tips and tricks on how to work in a smart and efficient manner. Ideas, best practices and real life scenarios across many industries will be shared, ensuring attendees leave with a new outlook on how to successfully run their own photography business.

Landscapes & Architecture

In Person Training - 3pm-Late

Experimenting with photography skills in a pressure free environment allows attendees to gain a deeper understanding of how to get the most from their camera equipment. The skills developed whilst perfecting landscape and architecture photography can be transferred to other areas within the industry such as the property sector. Landscape photography is seen by many as a hobby, however we see it as an opportunity to maintain our love for photography, alongside creating engaging content for social media.

Adobe Lightroom Skills

Online Training - 2 Hours

Optimised workflow is an often overlooked area of running a successful photography business but trust that it deserves your attention. Learn how to use the tools Lightroom has to offer to speed up the editing process significantly, allowing you to deliver projects to clients in a smart and efficient manner.

Adobe Photoshop Skills

Online Training - 2 Hours

Being able to use photoshop effectively takes practice but once understood, Photoshop can help you deliver quality content that your clients will love.

Whether its removing blemishes from a bride on her wedding day, disguising unwanted signage or enhancing an otherwise lacklustre image we teach a whole range of techniques as part of our training course, enabling attendees to practice in their own time.

Build Your Business With SEO

Online Training - 2 Hours

All successful photography businesses need a platform to showcase their work, in the modern world a website is the best way to grow an online presence but a website is never finished. Sharing projects and keyworded content with clients using our SEO tips is the most effective way to ensure your website generates quality leads. There is no need to pay for Google or Facebook adverts, you can reach new clients organically all by yourself.

Understand How to Benefit From Google

Online Training - 1.5 Hours

As a follow on from our SEO training session, this course is a fantastic way of learning how to get the most benefit from Google. Utilising features within Google My Business and Google Analytics, we will teach you how to stand out from the crowd and create content that the Google bots love.

Commercial Photography

In Person Training - 10am-5pm

As a professional photographer, you will naturally find you can adapt your skills to work within different sectors. Understanding what your clients may require, how to secure their business and find a balance amongst your work will all be shared as part of our commercial photography session. After a morning of theoretical discussion, attendees will go on to perform 3 scenario based projects - a commercial roof inspection, marketing photography for a hotel and product photography using a lifestyle setting.

Property Masterclass

In Person Training - 2 Full Days

Hosted in a premium property, our Property Masterclass Training covers property photography, videography and floorplans in a practical but pressure free scenario. Combined with discussions about how to market your professional photography services to estate agents, letting agents and homeowners alongside an efficient editing process, our masterclass allows you to create portfolio ready content. For those interested in learning about 360 tours, stitching and practical demonstrations will be covered, alongside the opportunity to experiment with a range of equipment yourselves. Read about our 2020 property masterclass here.

Sales & Marketing Best Practices

Online Training - 2 Hours

Expanding on what has been discussed in previous sessions, we will cover a series of avenues which you will want to explore further. Creating tailored packages that suit the needs of your clients, combine traditional and modern marketing methods & explore networking opportunities are all skills you will learn. Develop your product so that it will be impossible for future clients to say no, be an expert in your field and find your niche.

Drone Pilots Congested Area

Online Training - 2 Hours

Designed for attendees with an interest in Aerial photography, we teach how to effectively plan and operate drone flights in a safe and legal manner.

Focussed on operating within the busiest airspace, we cover real life scenarios, best practices and teach the importance of using the best tool for each job. To date, this session has been undertaken by over 150 drone pilots since 2019, many of whom have been able to take on large commercial projects as a result of their learning and new found confidence.

Additional Benefits

Alongside sharing expertise and experience with all our attendees, throughout both our online and in person training sessions there are additional benefits that you will receive:

  • Private facebook support group to allow attendees to request critique, share projects and ideas with each other
  • A varied set of sky replacements to be used with Adobe Photoshop
  • A varied set of Adobe Lightroom presets
  • Discount Codes issued for a series of recommended programmes and products
  • Equipment demonstrated during in person training sessions, some items available to loan on request.
  • Quarterly SEO ranking report given to each attendee to track growth of their web presence
  • Opportunity to pitch your business to 30+ business owners at a local network event