This Blog Post Was Written By Bethany, PA to Luke Granger

Statistically, the average couple will live together for a total of 3.5 years before getting married. Therefore, the traditional 'setting up house' wedding gifts are pretty much a thing of the past.

Now, we have all been invited to a wedding where the couple slipped a little notecard into the invitation haven't we? Controversial to some, they are intended as a polite way of asking for money instead of gifts, usual to a rhyme with a little bit of harmless cheese thrown in.

There are lots of reasons why a guest may not wish to give money. They may be on a budget and feel embarrassed by what they can afford, the cost of attending a wedding can become quite a large expense. Alternatively, they may have had an idea of something personalised they wanted to get you.

Older generations especially, tend to prefer a traditional gift. A silver dinner service is a staple or a set of kitchen knives, allowing you newlyweds to cook up a storm together in the kitchen.

Some people ask for a donation to their favourite charity instead of a gift. In my opinion, this causes just as much debate as giving the couple money directly, I am regularly asked the "how much is enough?" question and there is no right answer.

I have however found a solution that if you are getting married you may wish to recommend to your guests. I may be slightly biased, but as a Kent wedding photographer, I feel the gift of photography is faultless, flexible and affordable.

I have launched Gift certificates to enable guests to give the precious gift of memories.

Being able to choose your favourite wedding photograph to proudly display in your home is a timeless gift that every bride or groom would treasure. Alternatively, some couples may choose to book a couple or family shoot in the months after the wedding. What a way to announce the arrival of a little bundle of joy

Redeemable against wall art, album upgrades or additional photoshoots; gift certificates are a versatile choice. Allowing the couple to combine all the gift certificates together may help them create the album they have longed for or decorate their home with stunning art they otherwise couldn't afford.

Ultimately, guests don't have to give the happy couple anything yet most will want to give a gift to celebrate the special day, no matter the cost. If you are the couple who is gifted 3 sets of Mr & Mrs mugs, take them with thanks and enjoy your time together as husband and wife.