This Blog Post Was Written By Bethany, PA to Luke Granger

As a Kent based business, we at Luke Granger Photography feel it is important to support charitable organisations within the local community. We are often approached asking us to get involved with all sorts of projects, although we cannot support them all, we feel it is important to contribute where we can.

We would like to share some of the charities and organisations we support with our readers, not to gain anything ourselves but to let you know why and how we contribute to our chosen causes. If you too are in a position to get involved, please get in touch with the charity directly by clicking their link, they are always grateful of new sponsors regardless of how big or small.

Dartford Deeds Not Words

Dartford Deeds Not Words is a fantastic project focussing on giving back to the community in the form of a number of good deeds. Cllr Kelly Grehan, works alongside Lisa & Sarah gathering toiletries and stationary (amongst other things) to distribute to others within the community.

Although this is a long running project, the outbreak of Covid-19 has meant the strain on supplies is at an all time low, residents and patients have no visitors to bring them toiletries meaning many nurses and carers are using their own funds to support them. We recently donated over 120 items to the project which were gratefully received and will continue to support them throughout the coming months.

The Big Issue

As a paid photographer for The Big Issue, we donate part of the fee to the seller we meet and the rest to other charitable organisations.

Every Big Issue seller has a story and we loved meeting Rob earlier on this year who is based at Waitrose, Longfield. Rob's plan to walk from Land's End to John O Groats with his dog Molly has been delayed by Covid-19 but they have hopes to complete their challenge soon. We are keeping in touch and you can too over on his Instagram.

Blue Light Card

We value the dedication and support of the emergency services and feel the work of so many is highly commendable. We therefore signed up to Blue Light Card to offer all their members 10% discount off any of our full price packages.

Although we primarily cover weddings in Kent, last year saw us working a number of times in London, Surrey, Essex & Sussex. Alongside shoots in France, Italy, Scotland, Wales, Yorkshire, Cornwall and Dorset it is safe to say we are used to travelling.

Community Driving School

The freedom of being able to drive is one that many take for granted but can completely change someone's life. The Community Driving School has a number of different programmes available depending on the individual learner and we are proud to sponsor one of their vehicles by providing our filming services to them.

The #communitydriven scheme takes a selection of people who are in need of a fresh start. Teaching them to learn to drive, whilst providing them valuable work experience opens up numerous possibilities for the future. If someone is homeless, out of work, an ex-veteran or ex-addict they can be referred by a number of organisations to be offered a place within the scheme. Alternatively, there are a number of part funded or discounted schemes and additional learning support available for those living with conditions such as anxiety, autism, or mental health.

By contributing monthly donations, the non profit charity are able to guide more people in the right direction. The skill of driving opens up so many more career opportunities and the freedom reduces the feeling of isolation and allows more opportunities to socialise.

Gift of a Wedding

We are registered as a supplier with Gift of a wedding, who's mission is to plan and pay for weddings of those with terminal or life shortening illnesses. The charity organise donated products and services to provide everything a couple would need to say I do; creating precious memories for the couple and their family to hold on to.

Although our services are yet to be required, as a Kent Wedding Photographer, we know the importance of preserving special memories and therefore will donate our pearl package to Gift of a Wedding when they need us.

If you would like to donate, the team at Gift of a Wedding are always grateful. Whether it be a monetary donation, a service you can offer or if you have any wedding related items that you no longer need, you could be changing someones life and making their dreams come true.

If you feel you are able to get involved with one of the projects that have featured, then do get in touch with them, I am sure they would love to have you on board. Alternatively, have a think about other things you as an individual or you workplace could possibly do, small acts of kindness are so important. Here are some ideas:

  •  If you have a good experience from a small business, remember to talk about them to others. It might be your friend who is a gardener or the local butchers who do the best sausages; by leaving them a review or sharing about them on social media you will be helping them build their business.
  • If you do go food shopping, perhaps buy just one thing extra to donate to the food donations (It is usually a box or trolley near the exit), you probably won't notice an extra £1 item but that could stop someone going to bed hungry.
  •  Alternatively, If you have food that is in date but that you no longer need, donate it. It is a perfect way to get rid of the flavours of crisps or snacks that no one likes or the two for one soup that you don't really need.