Written by Bethany, PA to Luke Granger Photography

As a professional photographer in Kent, we regularly take on projects across different industries and it has been fantastic to work with a number of schools over the last year, creating professional marketing content for them to share with prospective parents. Offering a professional photography for schools service that can help showcase a school in a fun and natural way is so important to so many local communities and we thoroughly enjoy meeting so many proud and happy children.

With a fantastic series of projects completed we have now delivered a collection of marketing videos and photographs direct to the schools themselves, worked alongside a trust of schools to reinforce their brand, completed school portraits for pupils and subsequently built a strong relationship which we hope to continue in the future.

Photography For Schools in Kent

We have all heard the old saying "never work with children or animals", however we are pleased to report that our experience visiting schools in Kent to create prospectus photography has been fantastic.

Having met lots of characters on our visits, it's been fantastic to see so many children with a genuine passion for education, proud to showcase their talents and have confidence both in and outside of the classroom. Whilst creating professional photography for schools, we met a number of guinea pigs and therapy dogs, all of whom were as well behaved as the students, I'm told its the teachers you have to watch these days!

As parents to Lukes daughter Jessica, we appreciate the importance of primary education ourselves; therefore want to ensure that our work creating prospectus photography for schools in Kent portrays an honest and natural setting. All of our school prospectus photography is created using real students, who were completing activities that are true to their school.

We captured so many beautiful moments between the students and their teachers, witnessed children showing kindness and generally enjoying school life.

Whilst capturing prospectus photography and videography for schools in Kent, we thoroughly enjoyed the insight we were given into school life; it was fantastic to be able to reflect and reminisce our own childhood experiences.

Luke was particularly jealous that when he was in primary education there was no such thing as 'Forest School'. He took some time out from filming to join in with the children, helping create camps and search for wildlife on more than one occasion. Our apprentice Alex (nicknamed the dog whisperer), was delighted to meet one of the schools mascot's Hugo whilst I loved spotting the familiar storybooks, the coloured bears that I used to count and of course enjoyed a good school dinner. Who can turn down Friday's menu of fish and chips?

Prospectus Videography for Schools in Kent

Alongside prospectus photography, we also helped a number of schools in Kent create welcome videos to introduce the school to future students and their parents. Working with the management team to create a storyboard, it's fantastic to provide a complete marketing package for schools in Kent. With content that they can use for years to come, each school now has a welcoming video that truly captures the essence of their school.

Naturally, working within a school environment means that all three of our team here at Luke Granger Photography are CRB checked. The safeguarding and protection for every child is important and we do our best to create as least disruption to a child's learning as possible when visiting a school.

We are proud to have been congratulated numerous times on how approachable and friendly we all are; we engage in conversation with both staff and children during our visits and work closely with the leadership teams to complete these projects successfully. Creating professional photography and videography for schools is always great fun and we intend to undergo new projects in the future.

Marketing video created for The Academy of Cuxton Schools, Cuxton, Kent.

We are happy to visit schools across Kent and further afield in areas such as Essex, London & Sussex. As regular visitors to Gravesend, Chatham, Maidstone, Aylesford, Tunbridge Wells, Tonbridge and Canterbury.We would love to work with new schools in the future, so do get in touch if you would like to discuss our work.

Marketing video created for Wainscott Primary

We Also Offer School Photography

When we decided to offer a school photography in Kent, we decided we wanted to offer our schools an affordable and friendly service. Just like everything we do, our aim is always to deliver great quality, unlike other school photographers in Kent, we promise to also bring plenty of personality and creativity. Preferring to use a textured backdrop in either grey or blue, our school photographs stand out for all the right reasons and offer a timeless photograph of every child.

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