Written by Bethany, PA to Luke Granger

Luke worked in the Estate Agency industry for over 10 years as both a Branch Manager at one of the biggest estate agents in South East London, followed by a number of years as a professional property photographer in Kent, Luke knows first hand how to successfully market a property, regardless of its condition.

With Covid-19 interrupting most of our wedding bookings for 2020, we are thankful that there are different avenues of our businesses that we can turn our attention to and as a result, we have actually been busier than ever since the Coronavirus outbreak began. It seems that the property market is booming so we have been utilising our professional photography skills to help showcase homes across Kent.

Too many estate or letting agents these days are cutting corners and it is not going unnoticed by us as professionals or the growing list of potential buyers/sellers. Instead of hiring a professional property photographer, many estate agents take slapdash photos using a mobile phone and most fail to include even a basic floorplan; yet they all wonder why buyers are not interested in their listings. [Insert facepalm here]

When selling a home, a vendor's top priority is to sell their property for a fair price in a reasonable timeframe.

Obviously, each vendor will have a different idea of what is fair and reasonable, however without a doubt, every homeowner wants an estate agent who is committed to achieving a sale.

Estate Agents often fail to realise that using professional property photography and videos not only helps to achieve a faster sale at a higher selling price, but professional photography is a huge advantage over competitors when valuing homes and listing new properties. Vendors are always impressed with the quality of our professional photography and our Estate Agents are being contacted to list homes rather than just value them.

One of our newest clients, Open House Mid Kent, has taken a fantastic approach since opening in Maidstone Kent. When Husband and Wife team, Lloyd & Jane launched the Mid Kent branch of Open House in June, they chose to focus on delivering results to their clients in a number of ways.

Low Cost Estate Agency Fees

Unlike traditional, high street estate agents, Open House Mid Kent, operate on a remote basis which enables them to keep their costs low, a saving they pass directly onto their clients with their highly competitive fees.

24-7 Support

Being working parents themselves, Lloyd & Jane know first hand the importance of flexibility and convenience. As a result, they do their best to support both their vendors and any potential buyers by answering calls/emails during unsociable hours and offering evening/weekend appointments. You would rarely catch a high street agent answer the phone at 5:30pm, let alone any later.


Open House Mid Kent are so confident about the service they offer that they don't have a contract tie in period. They believe in their ability to sell homes in Maidstone and are certain that all their clients will value their service.

and last but by no means least...

Professional Photography

By hiring us at Luke Granger Photography, every property listed with Open House Mid Kent is showcased to its full potential. With a floor plan, external and internal professional photographs as standard, we ensure every home listed looks stunning. Aerial photography or a video are often added to provide an additional perspective. Using a wide range of professional equipment and services, homes listed with Open House Mid Kent stand out from the crowd for all of the right reasons.

Despite charging a fraction of the price of high street estate agents, Open House Mid Kent have certainly not cut back on quality of service. It's no surprise that many of their clients are already recommending their services to others, contributing to their business becoming a huge local success. We are proud to be supporting them along the way and are pleased that they value our work as much as we value them as our own clients.

What is often forgotten about on the route to becoming a successful Estate Agent, is that you are not only targeting potential buyers to an individual property, but also attracting new sellers to approach you to sell their home.

This was made clear when Lindale Cottage in West Kingsdown was placed on the market by Open House Mid Kent and sold within just 48 hours. An owner of a similar property nearby, chose to switch from one of the biggest Estate Agents in Kent after being impressed by the quality of Lindale Cottage's advertising. This just goes to show that a seller will place their trust in an agent who is dedicated to achieving results.

Although Lloyd & Jane focus on properties around the Aylesford and Maidstone area, they will happily cover areas further afield on request, be sure to get in touch if you are looking for a dedicated and trustworthy Estate Agent.

Alternatively, If you are looking for a professional property photographer in Maidstone and the surrounding area, feel free to get in touch to discuss our services or perhaps you would prefer to train to be a photographer yourself?

Alongside our extensive photography services, we run a wide range of training courses designed to help others develop their own businesses. We regularly host a two day Property Masterclass at various locations around the country where you will learn how to photograph, video and create floorplans on a property effectively.

If you are an estate or letting agent looking for a professional property photographer and would like to discuss our services, please do get in touch. We regularly work with Kent based Estate Agents in Maidstone, Chatham, Tunbridge Wells, Bromley, Orpington, Ashford & Canterbury and would love to speak with you.