Weddings at Hever Castle

If you’ve ever considered having an Italian style wedding but are bound to the UK, The Loggia at Hever Castle is the venue of dreams. The childhood home of Anne Boleyn, The Loggia is a lakeside location complimented by a neo-classical  structure and a thriving Italian garden. Between the stunning architecture and botanical layout, it’s no wonder that The Loggia is an award winning Kent wedding venue. 

The Italian Garden at Hever Castle

You will find that the Loggia offers a magical garden walkthrough, were you can spend both the ceremony and the reception. Here are paths that are framed by arches with cascading plants and bursts of light illuminating splitting through. Enchanting wall climbers adorn the arches made by local stone, it is a truly dream location to for fantastic wedding photos in Kent. This botanical and intimate setting is an amazing place, as the Best wedding photographer in Kent, I look forward to being part of your wedding day.

There are many areas of the grounds at Hever Castle to mention, but one to note is the beautiful rose garden. The roses create a romantic and fairy tale charm of this amazing Kent wedding venue with its lush, bright roses in a myriad of delicate colours. 

The Italian Loggia at Hever Castle 

A stroll through the Italian garden will lead you up to the exceptional stone arches  - ‘The Loggia’ - with its breathtaking lake backdrop. Completed by the stone arched structure, the Loggia offers a 360 view of the lake and Italian garden, the open and airy setting makes for the perfect transition from day to evening so whenever you choose to get married at Hever Castle you will be surrounded by beauty. Walking the grounds of the Loggia, surrounded by the grand stone structure certainly has a historic decadence to it. Here you can say your wedding vows before heading to the Loggia Bar where you can fully enjoy the festivities. This is a perfect location for sophisticated wedding photographs, whatever the weather.

Hever Lake

Through the roman arches you will find the beautiful lake at Hever Castle. Witha view of the spectacular, mirror-like lake, built with a grandiose fountain fit for Rome. Constructed by 800 men, Hever Lake is man-made lake built at an impressive 38 arches by William Wildorf Astor. An exceptional backdrop to complete your vows, the lake offers tranquillity amongst the stately Roman structure and all the flourishing plants. The Lake is especially enchanting for the evening time as the sun sets, and could easily be mistaken as being straight out of a filmset. We particularly love this venue for the fantastic photography opportunities, there are always so many areas to explore and every time we visit, we always find somewhere new. 

As a Kent Wedding Photographer, we would love to create your perfect wedding photographs in this truly exceptional and beautiful setting. 

Don’t hesitate to visit Hever Castle’s website for more information. 

Wedding Package at The Loggia at Hever Castle

The Loggia is one of the few Hever Castle Wedding packages offered; along with a Castle or Astor Wing wedding, it's safe to say, what makes the Loggia so special is its open and fairy tale atmosphere. 

The Loggia is available as a Kent wedding venue between April and October. The Loggia at Hever Castle perfectly complements the summer months, with open architecture, flowers in their seasonal peak and just enough shelter for the cooler evenings. If you wish, you can opt to finish your special day with a spectacular firework display blooming over lake in the evening or take a boat out onto the water.

There are additional wedding photography opportunities in front of Hever Castle itself so if you are looking for a Kent Castle, Hever Castle is a great choice.

The neat, regal structure is decorated with wall climbers and surrounded by a serene mote, perfect for any King or Queen to celebrate saying I do!

Rest assured this Kent wedding venue is fit for royalty, with the approval of King Henry VIII himself no doubt.

With onsite accommodation as well as secure and private parking, Hever Castle is a truly memorable Kent wedding venue. It would be an absolute pleasure to photograph these special moments as your Kent wedding photographer, so do get in touch if you would like to discuss your day.

If you have any questions about this Kent wedding venue, the Hever Castle team will be happy to help. You can visit their website to learn more about their wedding packages or give the team a call.

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