Hosted At Gaucho At The O2 Arena

With a wide range of choice, fantastic service and exceptional quality, Gaucho at The 02 Arena, without fail, takes the top spot to be my favourite restaurant.

Bethany first took me there as a treat for my birthday, I actually had a very bad case of man flu but declare that the steak was just the medicine I needed. We shared the Gaucho Sampler (Cuadril, Chorizo, Ancho and Lomo) and were not disappointed. The 1.2kg platter arrived at our table alongside our choice of grilled tomatoes and fries, every single bite was delicious, just the thought of it now makes my mouth water.

We knew we would return again one day, but we didn't think it would end up being quite so frequent as it has done.

In the Spring, we began brainstorming ideas of how best to host our business development courses. The congested area course, teaches commercial drone operators how to safely and legally fly within built up areas. Given our own proximity to the capital city, London made for an ideal location. We contacted a number of hotels but they either had poor availability, were expensive or inconvenient (Some were all 3).

Bethany then had an idea to approach Gaucho. The cost of a meal was the equivalent of hiring a meeting room elsewhere and the location was perfect. Easily accessible to all of our business clients, with suitable parking and easy access to a number of flying locations I had used previously.

The theoretical part of our training would last a few hours, given that our courses were scheduled to start early afternoon on a weekday, the team at Gaucho were more than happy to accommodate us with the perfect table. In fact, they accommodated us a grand total of 15 times.

Each congested area course starts with a selection of drinks for everyone; as plenty of conversation is ahead, it is important everyone has refreshments to hand. The Gaucho team are always perfectly attentive; at hand to grab another round whenever necessary, yet not intrusive or impatient.

Teaching how to successfully plan flights and share best practices on how to run an efficient business are key factors we discuss as a group. I am well known in the drone industry and some believe I am a rule breaker; having shared my knowledge with so many others I have proven that is not the case.

When the theory and flight planning is over and the menus arrive, the real hard work starts. What shall I choose to eat? On my 15 visits, I tried an assortment of steaks, the lamb cutlets, the spatchcock chicken and the cod but I kept coming back to the Argentine Beef Burger. A hearty classic, cooked to perfection every single time.

The meal is a relaxed affair allowing the group to get to know each other better, regardless of which sector within the industry you belong, rest assured there is never lack of conversation. Networking amongst like minded people is a fantastic way of building your business, gathering ideas and sharing stories.

After the group has been fed and watered, we head out on a mission to fly our drones. Each pilot flies under their own PfCO and insurance and takes turns at being an observer when needed, giving plenty of opportunity to gather some stock images.

The feedback from everyone who attended the congested area course has always been complimentary. The extensive information and knowledge that clients take away from the session is obviously worthwhile, but not every day do you attend a business development course and receive such a premium dining experience.

2019 saw a total of 161 clients complete a congested area course. The majority were hosted in London at Gaucho, but Bethany and I also took a trip to Edinburgh in November and, due to high demand, I hosted a number of 1:1 theory only sessions from home.

The drone industry has gone, and will continue to go, through a lot of changes; there are so many factors to consider if you wish to work commercially but also so many benefits if you build your business correctly. One of the main things I have learnt through meeting so many members of the community, is that many are restricting themselves unnecessarily in one way or another. My courses have buried some myths, opened many eyes and given direction to so many clients. A pretty good success, if I do say so myself.

The congested area courses will launch again in Spring 2020, I intend to return to Gaucho as it was such a hit with my clients but take a look here for more information. If you ever find yourself hungry near The O2 Arena, or just fancy a nice meal I highly recommend visiting Gauchos.

Restaurant photographs taken from Gaucho's official website