Here at Luke Granger Photography, we really try to support our couples throughout the wedding planning process. We are more than just your wedding photographer and feel it is important to provide a premium service which includes offering advice, recommending other suppliers and answering any questions you may have.

Although, no happy couple wants to think about something going wrong during the lead up to the big day, having wedding insurance will give you the peace of mind to know that your money is safe should there be any unexpected hiccups. However it is surprising how many couples haven't even considered purchasing an insurance policy.

In a difficult economic climate, It is not unusual for companies to cease trading with no warning. Recently, Botleigh Grange Hotel, a well known wedding venue in Southampton went bust leaving a number of distraught couples in limbo about their day. If those couples haven't purchased wedding insurance, then unfortunately any payments they have made to the hotel will have been lost and their dream wedding may not be able to take place. We wouldn't want anything like that to impact our readers and are surprised to know that so many couples haven't even considered getting covered.

There are so many eventualities that might cause a couple to claim, although its hard to think of the worst case scenario's it is important to be aware. Although the impact will inevitably cause you some distress, having adequate wedding insurance will at least ensure you are not financially out of pocket.

Reasons You May Need To Claim

  • Unexpected illness or death - This could be either yourselves or a close relative
  • Extreme weather conditions - A bit of rain will do no harm but if there were storms, flooding etc that could cause an impact to your day.
  • Venue or suppliers cease trading - Unfortunately many companies can fall into financial difficulty
  • Suppliers failing to supply their services - Illness, broken equipment, no shows, breakdowns, etc
  • Theft, loss or damage of significant wedding items - Wedding rings may get lost or stolen, or dresses damaged.

As a responsible Kent wedding photographer, we have a network of wedding photographers available to cover us in the event we were seriously ill on your wedding day. Thankfully we have never had to make that dreaded call, but we like to know that we have a suitable plan to reduce the impact to our clients.

We also bring a wide range of equipment with us and an assortment of memory cards to ensure we can capture as much of the day as possible without any hiccups. I recently went to a wedding as a guest, the photographer turned up on foot with a tiny rucksack, just one camera and one lens. I was shocked and dread to think what would have happened if her kit had broken during the day.

Unfortunately, not all suppliers will have the back up plans in place like we do, we have heard of weddings without a cake, emergency bouquets made from supermarket flowers and an iPod docking station standing in for a DJ who broke down on the motorway. By getting the right wedding insurance cover, you may not be able to stop these things from happening, but you can at least ensure you are not financially out of pocket for the inconvenience.

Like all insurance policy, If you do need to claim you will be asked to provide evidence of any expense, make sure you keep any wedding related invoices or contracts safe. Some scenarios may mean the insurance company reimburse you directly with cash but if it is ahead of the big day, they may source an alternative for you to reduce the stress caused.

Now it is important to note that not all policies cover all eventualities; if the bride or groom get cold feet or if any of your guests cause damage to your venue you will not be entitled to claim. Your honeymoon will require a separate travel insurance policy and if you are planning fireworks, ensure the company you are using has their own public liability cover.

Ultimately, you must make sure you take out a policy sufficient enough to cover your day, Id suggest you work out your budget for the day and then you will have peace of mind knowing everything is covered.

This Blog Post Was Written By Bethany, PA to Luke Granger