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Calling Gin Lovers

If you think of yourself as a "gin connoisseur", think again. Surrey based Hannah and Ollie Jackson, took their love for the popular drink to a whole new level; they built their very own horse-box pop up bar, a pretty cool way to rock up at a wedding!!

I am sure all you readers out there have felt that mentioning the word 'wedding' seems to add an extra zero or two to practically everything. When planning a wedding, couples usually cover the basics needs first: they book the venue, the bride chooses her wedding dress and if you are reading this, hopefully have booked Luke Granger, as he is the best wedding photographer in Kent (maybe I am slightly biased).

After all the must haves are jotted down in, couples begin to search for the finer details; ways to add more of their own style to the wedding day and to add extra excitement and fun for all their guests to enjoy. Most couples will have a list of things they would love; Luke would want to arrive by helicopter and I have always wanted to hire a bucking bronco, I would fall off in seconds but it would be so much fun. Anyway, I digress.

So you have a list of things you need and then a list of things you want, for one reason or another, some of those things you want may have to be crossed off the list. It may not be physically possible to land a helicopter at your venue, and its an awful shame that responsibilities such as paying the mortgage have to be prioritised over a new pair or Christian Louboutin shoes isn't it?

When Hannah & Ollie got married in 2015, they realised there was a gap in the market for something fun, unique and reasonable priced. A few G&Ts later, "The Gin Inn" was born! Bringing with them fun and originality they created an amazingly unique pop up bar service, that will certainly give your wedding an extra bit of wow, without breaking the bank!

A £300 booking fee gets you a licensed bar, fully set up and staffed with enough glassware for your whole event. Delivering a premium experience and tasty drinks to every wedding they attend is a priority to this loved up pair.

Choices Choices Choices

Which Set Up? The traditional horse box has been converted into the most amazing pop up bar, with its modern twists and well stocked shelves it instantly becomes an amazing feature, just looking at it makes me want to grab a glass. Alternatively, one of the rustic pop up bars, create a fantastic place for your guests to mingle. They can be set up inside or out making it super versatile for any wedding venue in the South East.

I got a text ( I couldn't resist a little love island pun) Ever got stuck making small talk to great aunt Mildred in the queue for the bar or left your dinner getting cold to grab another drink? "The Gin Inn" have your backs, there is no longer a need to queue. All you have to do is send a text with your order and one of "The Gin Inn" team will deliver it right to your table. I have never heard of such a fantastic idea before, it just proves that these two have thought of everything, such a fantastically modern solution.

Free Bar or Not To Free Bar? You can either choose to receive an invoice after the event or can allow guests to pay themselves as "The Gin Inn" takes card or cash. Having a free bar can lead to some drunken antics, which may or may not be your idea of fun, a really popular option is to hand out drinks tickets. Each guest will get their first drink on the Bride & Groom then can buy their own after. Perfect!

Don't like Gin? Don't panic. Hannah and Ollie have you covered with a fully stocked bar there is something for everyone.

What more could a bride and groom ask for?

How about creating your own cocktail together! The personalised specials board can display your favourite cocktails, you can name them however you wish and "The Gin Inn" team will even let you have a go at playing bartender. Mixing up a refreshing bridal beverage is certainly something you will want to remember. As a Kent Wedding Photographer, Luke Granger will be sure to capture all the fun you're having to preserve these special memories for years to come.

We first met Hannah and the team at The South East Wedding Show, supporting small local businesses means a lot to both Luke & I, so if you are looking for a premium bar experience for a wedding or an event "The Gin Inn" team are certainly the people we recommend.

Read below for Hannah's wedding day Gin recommendations.

9 of The Best Cocktails For Gin Lovers

Co-owner of The Gin Inn, Hannah shares her inside knowledge on the best gin cocktails to serve guests on your big day!

Gin, Cloudy Apple, Elderflower, Mint and Lime

Why? This quintessentially British cocktail is perfect for boho weddings in the rolling countryside. The ‘Country Garden’ classic is super-refreshing and incredibly more-ish on a hot summer’s day.

Prosecco with a touch for Elderflower Gin and a raspberry

Why? Why not? Gin (has to be Nibbs!) & prosecco make the perfect pairing for any celebration – particularly a wedding! This heady combo tastes delicious and looks fantastic served with a sweet Scottish raspberry. We’ll raise a glass of four to that!

Six Dogs Blue Gin, Elderflower Tonic (Fever Tree) and Rose Petals

Why? Everyone comes back for more of this! So it’s no surprise to hear that the Six Dogs Blue Gin derives its name from the Blue Pea flower, aka Clitoria Ternatea (yep, you heard that right) – known for its aphrodisiac qualities in traditional medicine! The striking blue colour of this gin is a party piece on its own, yet the alchemy of this magical botanical is that it changes to a light pink colour when mixed with a good tonic! A rare find from Cape Town that you won’t find in many bars!

Rhubarb and Ginger Gin with Ginger Ale served with Rhubarb and Ginger

Why? The dreamy combo of tart English rhubarb, with the spicy kick of ginger has become a favourite with gin aficionados. Perfect in a classic G&T, or add ginger beer over plenty of ice for a splendid summer tipple

Tanqueray de Silva with Mediterranean tonic and fresh orange

Why? This Mediterranean beauty is made using the essence from bittersweet, ripening, oranges grown on sun-drenched trees in Seville. Balanced beautifully with Tanqueray London dry gin and served with Mediterranean tonic and fresh orange. One sip and you’ll be transported straight to the seductive city of Seville.

Pink Gordons lots of summer fruits and lemonade

Why? This unique pink blush gin, loaded with sweet berries, was inspired by an original Gordon’s recipe harking back to the 1880s. Served with fresh summer fruits and lemonade – this easy-drinker is sure to get great auntie Mary straight on the dancefloor!

Zymurgorium Sweet Violet Gin Liqueur, paired with lemonade

Why? For the rare creatures that don’t like gin, but have an epically sweet tooth - the Zymurgorium Sweet Violet Gin Liqueur, from Manchester’s Original artisan micro-distillery is the one for you. Paired with lashings of lemonade, it has a sweet pastelly taste and strong scent – sure to evoke childhood nostalgia with every sip!

Mermaid gin with Indian tonic and a cucumber

Why? Swap your trusty Hendricks for a local variety of seaside-inspired Mermaid Gin from the Isle of Wight Distillery. Made with 10 meticulously sourced botanicals including: locally foraged rock samphire & elderflower, plus Boadicea hops grown in the local botanical gardens at Ventnor. Beautiful with Indian tonic and classic cucumber. Lovely.

Espresso Martinis

Why? Okay, so we may be swapping out the gin for vodka and coffee liqueur (Obviously Maraba by Gorilla Spirits), but we’ll happily make an exception for this one. People go wild for espresso martini - so it’s always a good shout to have a batch coming out at a certain time in the evening! The perfect pick-me-up for any wedding celebration!

For More Gin'spiration visit "The Gin Inn" website

Photographs Supplied By The Gin Inn