This Blog Post Was Written By Bethany, PA to Luke Granger

When planning a wedding, couples have so much to consider and are often torn between what they want vs what is expected from others. It is proven that trying to please everyone is impossible, so please if you take one bit of advice: stop trying!!! It is hard, but try to focus on what the two of you would like, it is your wedding day and you want to remember it as being filled with your vision, not someone else's.

Luke & I really encourage our couples to be a little selfish. Don't get me wrong, those who don't follow our advice still have beautiful weddings, stunning photographs and happy marriages but as we know you only intend to do this the once, we want nothing more than for you to be happy with every single decision you make.

If the old saying "the way to ones heart is through his stomach" is true, then surely the food on your wedding day should make you both feel full with love.

Traditionally, a wedding breakfast consists of a three course dinner usually followed by an evening buffet, however, many modern couples have chosen to say goodbye to the set menu and search for alternative catering options that suit their tastebuds better.

Food is such an important part of our lives (well it is to mine anyway), that if you are choosing to share a meal with the special people in your life, or the random people you are feeling obliged to feed, then it should at least be something you love. Adding a festival twist has become a really popular recently and what better way to do that than a fancy food truck.

That is where we introduce... Chipsy

Chipsy's menu of loaded fries are a sure fire way to provide your guests with gourmet food they will be talking about for all the right reasons. As a person who would happily eat chips with every meal, I am only too delighted to recommend this alternative wedding catering option.

Regularly providing catering for high profile London events and film sets, the Chipsy team are experts at providing 5 star service to all of their clients. Their friendly approach allows them to engage with guests, creating a fun atmosphere everywhere they go. English DJ & musician Naughty Boy, loves Chipsy so much he even hired them to cater his birthday party. All his guests gave amazing reviews as they partied the night away and I'm sure your wedding guests will be impressed too.

The Details...

Choices, Choices, Choices Couples can choose up to 4 of the meals for their guests to select on the big day. Allowing a range of options for even the fussiest eaters, Chipsy makes a fantastic alternative caterer that you and your wedding guests will never forget.

The Cost Chipsy have a set up fee of £199 & then a minimum spend of £1000 for weddings and large events. Compared to a lot of buffets that is a fantastic price, depending on what meals you choose, you would feed 80-100 guests.

A Little Saucy With every booking, a dip roulette stand is set up to allow guests to customise their meals even further. With exotic mayos and sauces the only problem will be deciding whether you stick with a classic like ketchup or experiment with something spicy like the Samourai.

Little Ones In addition to the adults choices, smaller guests will be delighted with the food on offer. Nuggets, Hot dogs & small burgers are all available (quantities are to be ordered in advance )

Food Intolerances As the food is prepared to order, the Chipsy team are able to make minor changes on request, making it even easier to keep everyone happy and will provide any allergen information that may be needed.

Sustainability Matters All packaging used for your event is fully recyclable and the Chipsy team will happily collect it and whisk it away.

A Snippet From The Chipsy Menu

All options below are served on a crispy bed of triple-fried chips. The menu has been inspired from a wide range of international cuisine's meaning it really does offer something for everyone.

Take a look at the Chipsy website for the full menu

Poutine Power

Cheesy chips don’t get posher than these Canadian-inspired marvels. Our triple-fried chips are drenched in thick, homemade beef gravy and cheese curds before being scattered with fresh chives and Parmesan. (Vegan cheese option available) This is a festival favourite for good reason…it’s seriously tasty!

Shawarma Rama 

To-die-for Middle Eastern cuisine anyone? This spit-roasted lamb is finely sliced and served with magnificent mixed Arabic pickles and fresh lettuce. Ring of fire chilli sauce is included just to keep things challenging and then garlic, tahini sauce, spiced tomato and red onion to top it off.

Sweet Baby Cheesus 

Ah…cheese! What’s not to love and what could be better than cheese and chips together? Sweet Baby Cheesus comes with premium Cheddar, Italian mozzarella, American nacho cheese and Parmesan in an amazing, melty celebration over a pile of our signature triple-cooked chips. Topped seasoned breadcrumbs, for that extra crunch!

Sweets for my sweet After your own personal mountain of chips, who wouldn't want to tuck in to a delicious dessert. The Chipsy cookie dough ball is battered in their special doughnut mix, then deep-fried for an irresistibly crunchy coating. Served up with a smooth vanilla bean ice-cream and a generous drizzle of apple and blackcurrant coulis you will certainly be pleased. Alternatively, Chipsy offer a number of fruit crumble options which also sound very tasty.

These are just a snippet of options from the Chipsy menu, there are so many more choices on offer, including burgers, sides and alternative chip options such as Halloumi & Sweet Potato fries as well as plenty of options for any vegan and vegetarians guests. I would really struggle to choose my favourite dish, the gravy used on the 'Poutine Power' tasted so good I could happily eat that everyday but I am really keen to try the Shawarama Rama and the Go- Fish soon.

Whatever catering options you choose for your big day, as your wedding photographer, we at Luke Granger Photography can't wait to capture all those special memories with you and your wedding guests, a meal from Chipsy would just be an added bonus.

Take a look at the Chipsy website for their full menu and keep an eye out on their social media as they regularly develop new dishes. If you are a foodie like me, you will love watching their videos on Instagram.

We met Chipsy when we were exhibiting at The South East Wedding Show. The lure of any form of chip is hard for me to resist so I did well to make it until lunchtime before I tested them out. As always we will only ever work or recommend brands we genuinely would book ourselves. No one has paid us to be featured, its just a case of one local businesses supporting another.

It would be fantastic to see the Chipsy team at one of our weddings in Kent soon, be sure to email the wonderful Adam on if you are interested in booking, you will not regret it.

Please note: Please check with your wedding venue before your book any external catering for your special day.