Luke granger courses


Luke granger courses



flight planning for congested areas (london) – £299

Drone use is becoming increasing popular within our modern world. With a number of years experience in the field, I am a well respected influencer within the drone community so have launched a congested area courses to share my knowledge with others.   There are many myths and misconceptions surrounding the use of drones within congested areas, however I will teach all my clients how it is possible to take breathtaking images whilst following all the CAA rules and regulations to a T!   Positions on these courses are very limited as I feel its important to give a personal service to each and everyone of my clients.   Due to the lack of light this time of year, part of the courses practical flying will be done at night, build your confidence flying at night and take the opportunity to grab some breathtaking photos for your portfolio!   Pilots attending will fly their own aircraft and we can have multiple aircraft in the air together, during previous courses pilots have each achieved around 2 hours of flying which serves as a huge confidence boost to go away and replicate what we have done, operating safely and confidently in congested areas.    Please get in contact to discuss our available dates   Contact courses@lukegranger.co.uk to book    

PFCO Pass Plus course – £349

This course is designed as a followup to the basic PfCO course. You’ve leant the theory, but how do you apply that theory to real world commercial operations? Are you completing the paperwork required for each job sufficiently? How do you risk assess your operations? How do you setup your site safely and efficiently? How are you using and managing your observers? How do you find suitable take off locations and gain the required permissions?   During this course you will find the answer to the above questions plus a lot more, we will have scenarios set up and we will be planning and carrying out real life jobs. Build your confidence as a PfCO holder and leave our course with the knowledge, understanding and confidence to go away and build your own successful drone business.   Upcoming Dates: 28th October 29th October 30th October   Contact courses@lukegranger.co.uk to book

portfolio building days – from £150

It can be hard to gain relevant up to date content in any business so I will be running portfolio building days to share and develop your skills in a hands on environment.   If you are a wedding photographer we will have actors playing the staring roles but can also have sessions with models, families, children or even pets if required. These sessions are great ways of developing your directing skills in terms of posing and setting up shots without the pressure of being a real life event.   Alternatively, building a commerical portfolio can be tricky too, so I can set up a day filled with landmarks, landscapes or residential settings to allow first hand practice.   I will then give advice on how to edit them to achieve the best results leaving you with a range of photos to use for advertising.   Locations and dates will vary. Contact for more information   

pfco course – £599

I am a CAA approved NQE instructor delivering PfCO courses alongside Skeyetrain.  If you are considering a new career in the drone industry then courses are the way forward.   Please visit www.skeyetrain.co.uk for more detailed information  

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