Drone Roof Inspections In Kent

Here at Luke Granger Photography, we offer CAA Licensed drone roof inspections in Kent and the surrounding areas. Traditional roof inspection methods are both time consuming and expensive, however, our drone roof inspections in Kent are both cost effective and efficient. Unlike many other of our competitors within Kent, we offer a same day turnaround of high resolution photography and/or video, enabling you to make an informed decision about the condition of your roof and pass the information on to a qualified professional who can then complete the necessary repairs.

We believe we provide some of the best quality roof inspection images in Kent and pride ourselves on being a family run business that can be trusted. Each of the images throughout this page were all taken by us on recent roof survey jobs, they demonstrate how close we can safely operate and the extremely high quality of the final images that each of our clients receive.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of a drone roof inspection?

Traditional inspection methods often include cherry pickers, scaffolding and ladders which not only can be an expensive route, also involve a large about of risk assessment and planning to insure health and safety is not put at risk.

Our drone roof inspections reduce the cost of the roof inspection significantly, eliminate a wide range health and safety issues (such as an individual falling) and vastly reduce the time it takes to inspect the condition of the roof or guttering. Our drones use high resolution cameras which allow us to capture images and video of damaged areas in extremely high detail.

What do you capture on a drone roof inspection?

Our drone roof inspections can capture the whole roof or specific areas depending on what you require. If you are aware of a specific area that is a concern, then do let us know so we can ensure we collect additional images. Areas such as guttering, chimneys and slipped roof tiles are often hotspots for damage during a storm so we do our best to provide a prompt and efficient service for every client. Each drone roof inspection we complete, we always ensure we capture a wide range of shots which can then be passed onto a local tradesman with the confidence that you can see for yourself the repairs your roof may require.


Our drone roof inspections commonly provide images of

Broken tiles



Ridge tiles

Chimney pointing

Weather damage



Luke using a mast system to complete an aerial roof inspection

What is the quality of a drone roof inspection?

Our drones are able to capture images of survey quality down to a GSD of 5.5px/cm when flown at 5m above the roof. This extreme level of detail allows you to zoom in and see cracked / fractured tiles and defects in chimney pointing with ease. When required we also have an 11m mast/pole system available (as pictured above) which carries a light weight 24mega pixel DSLR cameras with a 30x zoom, great for getting those angles which are not possible by drone and for interior inspections.

When can you do a drone roof inspection?

Drone roof inspections or drone roof surveys can be completed in any daylight hours providing the weather allows. We have wind limitations of around 15mph and our drones cant fly in heavy rain, however, as long as it's safe we can take off with minimal fuss. The time needed to complete a drone roof survey will vary depending on the size of the roof, however on average we would usually be on site for between 30 minutes and an hour; the drone being in the air typically between 5 and 20 minutes of this time.

For large commercial buildings this will understandably take longer but an estimate timescale will be discussed at time of enquiry.

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