Celebration Photoshoot

Can you relate with any of these married couples we have spoken to recently?

"We got married on a budget and one thing I regret is our wedding photos, they are so awful I can't even have them in the house. I looked at a friends wedding album the other day and now I feel as though we made a mistake"

"The lead up to our wedding was really stressful, if something could of gone wrong, it did, then because of all the pressure we ended up coming down with flu and both had a terrible day. We couldn't drink because we were so dosed up on cold & flu, smelt of Vicks and we went to bed at 9pm. If we could take just a few new wedding photos, I'd be so grateful"

"I'd love to get back in my dress again, it has been 20 years but I am sure I can squeeze back in to it. Hubby is a bit thinner on top these days but to me he is as handsome as ever"

"I want to celebrate how far we have come over the last few years, we have both lost weight and look like different people now. It would be amazing to look at myself as a bride without seeing the old me"

"All our wedding photographs were really stiff, we had lots of prim and proper shots but none of us looking as though we are actually in love or having fun"

"We had a really simple registry office wedding which was practical at the time but it would be nice to have some photos of the two of us to celebrate again"

"We got married 15 years ago (before the world had gone digital) so our only photos were in an album. Unfortunately, it got ruined last year and now we only have a few of just us that family members have dug out. We can't justify the cost of a whole vow renewal but I'd love to arrange an anniversary photoshoot to surprise my wife this year"

Ultimately, our mission here at Luke Granger Photography is to do everything in our power to make our clients happy. As we offer such a varied range of photography services in Kent, we speak with different people everyday and the subject of wedding photography often comes up in conversation. Thankfully many have only good memories to share with us but there are also plenty who feel they missed out in some way or another.

It breaks our hearts to hear from couples who don't have the wedding photographs they dreamed of. There are so many potential reasons why; some didn't have the budget for a professional photographer at the time, some had photographers who under delivered and some just didn't value the importance until it was too late. 

We know it is impossible to redo your whole wedding day but together we can certainly create some new memories in a fun and relaxed way during one of our Celebration Photoshoots. By using a range of different techniques, our aim to create a collection of photographs that you will be proud of; we can even add some extra wow factor with smoke bombs, sparklers or Champers.

Some couples get back into their wedding gear and return to their original wedding venue, whereas others choose something new to wear and somewhere new to explore. There are no limits except for your imagination.