Professional Photography Training

With a number of years experience as a professional photographer, alongside owning a range of successful businesses, I often get asked for advice about how others can grow and develop. Having built a strong rapport with others, especially those within the drone industry, I host a number of courses sharing my knowledge and expertise with those looking to learn and build their own success.

A combination of both online and in person courses are available throughout the year, each focussing on a range of subjects relating to photography. All courses are carried out in a relaxed and informal way to help encourage attendees to ask questions and be involved throughout.

Please email if you have any questions. 1:1 sessions are available on request.

Train To Be A Professional Photographer With Luke Granger Photography

Unlike many other training providers, I fully immerse myself within the photography industry and truly believe in the saying "practice what you preach". As a professional photographer myself, working primarily across the wedding and property industries, I take pride in perfecting my own work, continuing to develop and experiment with my own photography skills. As a result I have been able to expand my own business over recent years and taken on a wide range of projects across numerous industries.