Commercial Photography

Although weddings are my main area of expertise, I regularly work with clients to photograph a number of other family events such as christenings & birthdays but can also do headshots, private family shoots or corporate imagery if required. If you ever find yourself in Lands End, you will find one of my photographs on a postcard there (true story, say hello to Eddie the snake for me).

I regularly create property portfolios and am currently completing a long term aerial project alongside a number of national home builders to document their building progress. Its a really innovative way to document the buildings progression, Id like to think that when they move on, owners will leave these images behind so that in 100 years when the areas are completely different their is a record of history that belongs to the house itself. I am fully liscenced with sufficient insurance so rest assured you are safe with me playing pilot. Maybe I should refer to myself as Pilot Luke more often?

If you have any questions then contact me to discuss anything further,  Ill be sure to get back to you as soon as possible